(This is also something new to me: using a Daily Post for a topic.)

I still can’t believe it. I am a dad now, happily married with a very cute son! Time flew by so fast.

With marriage comes a lot of unfamiliar, and sometimes uncomfortable, things. One of which is visiting my wife’s relatives, and attending and even hosting events! One of the most recent events that we hosted was our son’s baptism, held December 28, last year.

I am a loner, and growing up in a family with little to no interaction with relatives, I became socially awkward. I have been trying to improve, but I am still a work in progress. My family also had little financial capabilities, so we didn’t really have any major celebrations, skipping birthdays or traditional holidays altogether, like Christmas or New Year’s Eve celebrations. I am also an agnostic, meaning I am religion-free.

Hosting my son’s baptism was for my wife’s wishes, and hosting the reception was also her idea. I would have preferred a smaller gathering, strictly for immediate family members.

I didn’t really know what to do. I ended up just walking around and smiling awkwardly to her relatives and friends.

It was a smorgasbord of everything I was against, but the event, and myself, turned out quite well.

Here’s the only shot that I can share, my son not included. My wife and I are in agreement to keep our lives as private as possible, even limiting our pictures in this journal:

My Beautiful Wife and Myself

Who would have thought?


Alas, I failed my attempt at a daily post. It is pretty difficult, considering the fact that I have really little to no creative juice flowing the last two to three days. I had a few topics that I wanted to write about, but I found it hard to expound. I tried writing a draft, but all I did was go on and on around the topic and it looked more like a conversation between me and a tape recorder. I have to ease through this daily routine thing.

Speaking of daily routines, someone told me that one of our former “fat” colleagues now looks svelte (I said “fat” because to me, he looks okay. I always thought he had the right weight for his height). Turns out that he and his partner, one of the directors in the company, are now more physically active and both are in the “best shape of their lives” (sic).

I did a little more probing and found out that they are more consistently working out, running, eating better, and just basically doing everything that they can to look better. I envy these people so much! I am also looking for ways to improve my overall health, and gain a little more weight. I have been working out “for years” now, with only the littlest gains to show as proof, because I haven’t been able to do it as consistently as I need. Most often than not, I will be able to work out once a week. The problem is work. I spend more time in the office than anywhere else. I can’t say that’s an entirely a bad thing. It keeps food on the table and it helps pay the bills, but I would have wanted more extra-curricular activities. Especially now that I am about to have a son, I wouldn’t want him to think that his dad is too scrawny.

I have to find out how I can manage my time better. But with all the things happening right now, I don’t think that’ll happen. My fiancee is pregnant, so I have to stay in the office longer than I already have, and go home with her, and to make sure she is safe. Enrolling in Gold’s Gym, which is literally just a few steps away from the office is an option, but it is just too damn expensive.

So, I guess I already failed two things this year. Not the best way to start the year, but hopefully I won’t fail anything else.

January 14, 2014 – Lesson Learned

As promised, I will be writing daily, or at least I will try. I may not be able to post it real time, but at least I should be able to write something, anything, before the day ends. 

  • Earlier today, I was struggling to explain a couple of product-related process. I was groping for words, and I felt that the sentences I did formulate made little to no sense. I learned my lesson: I should never train when I am hungry. I ate a few munchkins during our break.
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After that, I was back on the horse. I have to start polishing my communication skills a little more, especially now that I’ll have a kid in a few months!!!

  • I have noticed that my clothes don’t actually fit as well as I would have wanted. I need to gain weight, which means I need to go to the gym a little more, watch what I eat a little more, and manage my time better. Funny thing is, someone told me that I was gaining weight, and a few minutes later, someone told me that I looked thinner! I’m confused! 
  • I also have to up my creativity, and put better titles for these daily post. 😐
  • I have to go too, since my baby mama’s waiting for me and she’s sleepy as hell! Don’t want to get the pretty pregnant lady mad at her baby daddy!