April 25, 2015


How do we do this again…?


I just type in the words…

Let if flow…

And, I’m out of words.

But seriously, having been tied up with daddy duties has left me with little to no time for myself, and for my hobbies for that matter. Now I know how my parents felt like.

I came back to this journal/blog because I have been feeling shitty (excuse my French). Work-life can be better, and my insecurities are getting worse. My self-confidence has been down ever since the start of the year, and it has not improved. The biggest mistake of mine was looking at some of my acquaintances’ Facebook profiles, and feeling even worse. I do not have anyone on my News Feed aside from my wife and immediate family, I just don’t know what came over me. I don’t know why I clicked their profiles.

Now, I feel worse than ever.

February 16 – “Daddy Duties”

Didn’t realize it was already February. Last post I had was around the 28th of last month. Here I thought it will be easier to post since I have my hardware now.

Let me give you a quick look of how my day to day looks like: I do my daddy duties every morning, and go to work at night. I take a nap with my kid to save energy, since I have to wait for my wife to come home and sub me from my daddy tasks. I get 4 hours of consecutive sleep every day, tops. Although that does not include the naps my son and I take. Depending on his mood, he normally naps for an hour, but some days, it only takes a few minutes. That leaves almost no time for anything else.

Not that I’m complaining.

One of my colleagues also noticed that I look more like a dad now. I instinctively touched my tummy, but thankfully he did not mean that I have a parent gut yet. He just wanted to point out the ever growing eye bags I currently have.

Ain’t that the truth.

An Awkward Situation at Work… Or is it?

   I recently moved back to the morning shift, and dreaded my first two days in it. I wanted to go back to the night shift, to avoid the morning rush going to work and the afternoon rush going back home. However, I will be assigned another program to assist, so I need to attend a training class as if I was fresh off the streets. 

  This day started with a lot of reports to generate. One of our team-mates was recently promoted, so I was tasked to do her duties as her next-in-line. Running reports is easy, I just don’t want to do it in the morning shift. My body thinks that working in the morning is a real bore, so it tends to shut down quickly. I drank a cup of coffee to no avail, only succeeding a few minutes when I scalded my upper lip and tongue. Way to go. 

  After a few hours of running reports, I decided to go to the training room that I was assigned to. I was supposed to observe a colleague for content and not really for coaching purposes, so I said I can lower my guard down a bit. I wanted to continue generating reports inside the room but the PCs do not have the necessary software as it is a training PC, and I did not want to fight with my internal snooze button in front of other people. 

  Once I opened the door, I approached my team-mate and asked where I can sit down. He pointed me to a PC at the back, near the wall. I liked the location, attention will not be taken from the lead facilitator.

  I have not even taken a half step towards my station when he introduced me to his class. “This” is (my first name), guys! Say hi!” I greeted the class when I heard someone mentioning my full name. “Are you (my full name)?” 

  I was a bit surprised and said “Yes..? How do you know my name?” I was thinking she was a former trainee of mine, or someone whose sibling was a former trainee, or something to that effect. She then said “You came from (my high school), right?”

  This, again surprised me. “Yes” was my answer, again. By this time, I was now thinking that she either was a school-mate, or a sister of one of my school-mates. She continued: “You were from (my classmate’s name)’s batch, right?”

  This is the part when it actually started to annoy me. I could have said “No” to any of her questions to just stop the conversation there, but I was curious. I wanted to know who this lady was who knows so much about me. I gave her another quizzical “Yes” and asked her for her name (“May I know your name?” with brows furrowed).

  Her answer was: “You don’t know me?!?”

  If my brows were furrowed earlier, my brows were almost a uni by this time.  

  She then provided her name. 

  I was like “Oh Shit!” inside. My eyes went wide with surprise. I didn’t mean to, but unfortunately, it showed. 

  Turns out that she was a lady that I had a brief “history” with. I honestly did not recognize her, and I still am not sure if she is who she claims to be. 

  The best response I could provide was an “O-oookay…” and a weak smile. Everyone felt the awkwardness in the room, and I just had to break it, so I walked to my assigned seat. 

  I logged in, and the PC had to run my credentials. It chose this exact time to take forever. I then noticed that everyone was still quiet, even my colleague. He was looking at me with a “WTF happened?” look. I cracked a joke and asked him to continue his discussion, which he thankfully did. 

 Being the good partner that I am, I sent a text message to my girlfriend, telling her of the situation. She seemed cool with it, and even teased me a bit. I breathed a sigh of relief. I was thinking “I am going to terminate her!!” 

  I was on my home when I realized that feeling the awkwardness was a natural thing, but I cannot let the things that happened in high school interfere with her work, and mine. High school was a long time ago, I moved on and found a great woman. I have thrown the bad memories and charged it to experience. 

   I hope she feels the same way, too.  😐

Going Undercover: Busted!

Well, if you have read my previous post, then you would have known how excited I was for this gig. But unfortunately, I was busted! Haha! One of the trainees turned out to be a former employee who was not able to complete her training, and therefore had to attend another class, which turned out to be the one I am “attending”. That’s why her name seemed familiar. I was all prepped for the first day, when I heard someone call my name and introduced herself. She then proceeded to tell the other attendees that I was a supervisor. I had to come out to the open and ‘fess up. LOL

Facebook Shares: A Quick Post

I noticed that some of my posts have been shared on Facebook! Out of curiosity, I am wondering if they shared it because they liked it, or they found it utterly bad that they broadcast it so their friends can have a laugh. I am very curious, so if you are one of them, or you are planning to share my old or new posts, please hit me up on the comments or on my email: vercinaly@yahoo.com. 

Lumayo Ka nga sa Akin

**The title means “Get Away from Me”, loosely translated.

I admit that I have not been a fan of a lot of new books by local authors, be it in English or in the vernacular. Most of the published books that I see in the stores are either all about silliness, sex or macho stories. The market is not at all appealing, but one of the few authors that I look forward to reading is Bob Ong.

He blew up with his little green book, and now he is back with a pink hue. This book (see title above), is a parody of the Filipino mentality with a serious jab to the local movie industry.

The cover itself is already a parody of what we usually see in book covers or movie posters. The color pink, to be honest, is a mystery to me. I do not know if this is just to make it unique or if this has to be interpreted at all. Maybe Bob just liked pink for his new book.

Normally, we don’t like being judged or criticized by other people (especially our own), so I was not sure how the general public would accept the content of the book. But it turns out, as usual, that all it takes is one generally accepted person to give a candid view of the already deplorable society before we “open our eyes” and admit that there are flaws in our own country and values. After that, we continue with our daily lives, forgetting the moral of the story, unless someone asks us if “nabasa mo na ba yung libro ni Bob Ong?” (Have you read Bob Ong’s new book?). 

The story is told in a movie script format (the first book I have read that has this), with 3 separate movies (genres: action, horror and drama). I am not going to give any details of the story out of respect to the author, but there would be enough stereotypes that you would recognize for both the movie and TV buffs.

Humor is always part of BO’s books, but I think this just overshadows the message that he needs to share. Read the book, and see what I mean. Just like his other works, it is safe to laugh but think at the same time (some fans would make BO a God, but it’s just a message that a lot of people are already thinking).  But please don’t expect a great ending with this work.

Meme Proposal: Tim and Audrey

Just found a new video here. Video uploaded by iamhart17. Let me just paste his description of the video:


The couple in this video is Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam, the co-founder of the ever popular ad-blogging site Nuffnang, and his Malaysian girlfriend who is a blogger, now his fiancee, Audrey Ooi Feng Ling.


All credits, according to the up-loader, goes to the following:

  1. Crazy Monkey Studio (http://www.crazymonkeystudio.com)
  2. Timothy Tiah (http://www.timothytiah.com)
  3. Audrey Ooi Feng Ling (http://www.fourfeetnine.com)

I have to figure out how I would propose someday….