January 4, 2015

  • My twin brother got sick, and may not be able to go to work tomorrow. A few hours later, I came down with the colds. I think this is because I was ribbing him so much about just wanting to avoid work after a long holiday. I was trying to help my son to sleep when I sneezed about five times straight. Good thing he is not too sensitive to noise. I just hope he does not get whatever virus is currently circulating around the household.
  • He also made a remark about our “changed ways”, immediately detailing about how we, including my mom, are constantly looking at our smartphones and/or tablets, browsing the web or facebook. This hit home hard since I thought I was doing well balancing my online and offline life. I’m not the one to follow the trend of making resolutions, but I will be decreasing my “face down” time. I don’t want to have my son emulate this.
  • I’m starting to take a little more control of the clutter around the house. I think it’s the parenting instinct kicking in. I am starting to clean a little more frequently, and am thinking of ways to maximize the space that we have. Here I thought I was going to stay oblivious to the stuff building up inside the house. It’s also probably because of what my colleague showed me:


It’s her cabinet, formerly clean, white and blank. It now has a decal of one of her favorite characters, Kenshin Himura.

On to my next challenge: putting appropriate tags on this post. I’ll just have to get back to that later.


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