Kick Starter

It’s been almost half a year since I last visited my journal. I have no excuse now. I finally got my own laptop, I have somewhat adjusted on being a dad, and I most especially want to influence my son to start his own journal too.

A few changes I am going to make:

1. Avoid trying too hard: I have been a stat-crackhead. I wanted more people to visit my blog, so I have been exerting more effort in becoming who I am not. I will now be writing in my own style, although I don’t think I have a distinct style.No matter how short my post is, I should not care and just write it down and post it.

2. Address Alpha: In relation to #1, I will be addressing my son in my future posts to avoid going back to my old stat-whoring ways. I am hoping this will help me who my target audience is: my kids (hoping for 2 kids, maximum. One down).

3. Be more positive: I will try to be more cheerful, both on and offline. I don’t want to be too grumpy anymore, and I want to, again, be a good role model for my first born. I have started with the new theme, which also contains the color my wife and I picked for our son, blue.

I forgot a few more things. I will include them if I remember them.

Side note: I have to get used to the new WordPress user interface. I had to use the classic interface since this post kept appearing as a new page.


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