Fatherhood Related Hiatus

I probably should have posted this before my ongoing hiatus (now on it’s 48th-something day). I have been tied up with my first born, and all the daddy related duties that comes with him. I have to admit, I am rusty rustier now, more than ever. I’m having problems finishing this post, and I’m not saying I am a good writer. Average or below average, at best. 

I have to work on getting my schedule down pat. I’m looking at Sleep-work-exercise to fit in my daddy routines, which include, but are not limited to (my new favorite phrase; it sounds very lawyer-ish): feeding chou-chou (my pet name for my son; French for cabbage. It sounds cute, though), changing his diapers, cleaning the house, watching over him, going out for a stroll, and helping him sleep. 

He’s two months now, but he is already responding to anyone who talks to him. He is laughing now too. He likes it when people are talking. 

I got to start on that new page/site that I have been talking about. I need help balancing my schedule.


The new WordPress features are sweet!


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