Thoughts for the Day

  • I have been cleaning our house consistently for the past few days. In the past, I would have put it off until either I get someone to help me (usually my twin brother), or if I really need to clean (dust tumbleweeds are my cue). Surprisingly though, I now feel like I have to clean, fix, or even just think of home improvements. Is this how dads feel like, every single day? I certainly remember my dad fixing a lot of our stuff at home, from the easy to fix broken toys to the more complicated electrical wires. He’s really a jack of all trades. I still have a long way to go.

Jack of All Trades Juggler

  • I am not sure whether to create a new page, or create an entirely new blog/journal for my planned story/experience compilation. I was thinking of putting all life-lesson related stories of mine in a single page/address for my son to read in the future. I already have a few topics at hand, but I just need to actually write the darn things!


  • I also had to create a new Facebook account, when I realized the importance of networking. I have met a few people in and out of the industry, and I was thinking, if I ever plan on moving to another company or a whole, ‘nother job, I will need to have a few people to contact quickly. Unfortunately, one of the quickest ways to contact people is through social media, including one of the things I loathed for a variety of reasons, Facebook. My contemporaries and superiors, both locally and overseas, gravitate toward the social medium, and is more than comfortable chatting there with work related stuff. After a few weeks, I felt curious about my high school and college classmates and batch mates. The curiosity went almost over my limit as I fought the urge to “add” them in Facebook. Luckily, my common sense was able to win over my curiosity. I did not want to have to move away from Facebook again, remembering my reason. I don’t want it to be a messy, narcissistic tool again.
I guess whoever made this was right.
I guess whoever made this was right.

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