Life Strikes Again

   The holidays-weekend combination has somewhat tickled my interest in everything again. I wanted to go back to trying to write, trying to draw, and hitting the weights. Everything was planned in advance. Since almost all businesses, including the gym, will be closed during the Holy Week, I will wait it out and start Easter Sunday.

  Easter morning comes, and I wake up early. With no alarms, even. I log on to the internet, and look for a program that is feasible, and not something that will kill me. I found the German Volume Training and liked it because it looked something I will be able to do even after my usual 11+ hours in the office without trying to wake up the night after feeling like sh*t. I jotted down everything I needed, prepared my gym stuff, ate a hearty breakfast and prepared for a good work out. I hummed Roy Jones Jr.’s song in my head (Can’t be Touched).

  A few minutes after, I find out that the gym was still closed. 

  What a way to start my “cycle“.   

  Come to think of it, at least I was able to use it for this post. Damn it, life! Stop being an ass!


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