Shopping for Alpha

We bought a few clothes for our baby yesterday and I can’t believe how happy I felt! Normally I frown at anything that requires me to go to a cashier and pay. We bought a onesie with a bib that says “I Love Daddy” and three pairs of tank tops and shorts.

We bought it a little big anticipating our baby’s size, and to make sure that he will be able to wear it until it no longer fits. ImageImage


I could have bought more, if not for the fact that money is a thing, and it is not infinite. My fiancee and I talked about how we hate shopping for our own clothes, but had a change of heart when we saw baby clothes. Parenthood, maybe?

We also checked out a few cribs, and strollers. We haven’t decided what to get but we are already eyeing a few. We may go with buying it online though, as it is a little cheaper.

Having said all that, I suck at taking pictures. I literally took these pictures a few seconds before I decided to write this post. I felt awkward using the phone’s camera, but I need to have something to show. My blog has been all words lately, primarily because I suck at photography.

We also downloaded Baby Music app, created by Elite Solutions. We play it before my fiancee goes to sleep. I read somewhere that it helps for the baby’s brain development. I hope this is true, too.

Baby Music

I also ticked “This post is super awesome” while editing this. I don’t know what that does, though. Here goes nothing!


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