Work Appraisal

  I just had a conversation with my new manager (who was also a former team-mate) for my annual appraisal. I have to admit, this is probably the best appraisal I had since I started working. I was awakened, so to speak. 

  It started off the way we have been trained to: with accomplishments. This, to me, so routinary that I normally just try to coax my previous managers about my areas for improvement. I always make it a point to meet the targets, as any employee would, and I keep track of my day-to-day numbers too, so I know where I am at. From the previous appraisal conversations I had, there was not much in the improvement area. When I was new, I thought I was doing a great job but when I started thinking about it, I realized that it can also mean that my manager is not able to provide specific coaching points because there’s too many of us reporting to her, that she is not able to keep track of everyone.

 Today was different, however. After the good points, came a bad news and some bad points. The position I was preparing for was no longer an ideal job. High level directors related to that post have been deemed redundant, either because of cost-cutting or because of expanding too fast and too soon. The position became a red flag. 

 The bad points of mine were about distractions. Without realizing it, I have used my fiancee’s pregnancy as an excuse, instead of motivation or inspiration. I slacked off the past few months, and my output has been obviously sub-par. I have to re-align my priorities, and “go back to the old me”, as my manager said. 

  This is the most fruitful meeting I have had, only because I now know what I need to improve. Sometimes, not hearing any improvement plans creates complacency. 

  Time to put in work. 


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