January 15, 2014 – The Simpsons Tapped Out!

  1. The Simpsons: Tapped Out is crazy addicting! I find myself visiting my Springfield several times a day, sometimes taking an hour for just one visit! 


The mission that got me hooked is the the recent Christmas Gift Cards collection. It ended earlier today, January 14th EST (?). 


       2. I was recently diagnosed with Acute Rhinosinusitis (Google told me that I spelled that correctly.) and now, I have to wear a face mask, especially in carpeted areas, which is about the whole office building. 😐

Masks like these.

I felt weird, of course. I only wore it for a few minutes today. I have to get used to it, for God’s sake. It’s for my own health, anyway. I am, of course, expecting a lot of reactions and questions. I am still trying to imagine myself running a New Hire Training session wearing the mask. 

Before I forget: Acute Rhinosinusitis is the inflammation of my sinuses, because of an allergic reaction to something, resulting to a lot of nasal snot. At least that’s what the doctor said. It has been roughly 3 months that I have been wiping my nose thinking that it was just because of the cold office temperature. Turns out it was something else, and could have been more serious. I only made time to have myself checked when my sister, who was suffering from the same ailment, went to the hospital and got diagnosed with the same thing, although she already has nasal polyps. A bummer and a half, I know. I was scared that I may have the same thing, thus the X-Ray from my last post. And, apparently, I have a crooked nose. I still can’t get over this fact.



 3. I started using my iPhone notepad to draft this post. Pretty cool for me, although I still feel like I literally still need to write something if I am to fulfill my 2014 promise to “write everyday”. 

Screen Cap


Okay, that turned out too big. 😐

I don’t have time to edit this screen cap, though. I have to cook rice (It’s an Asian thing), plus my baby mama is waiting for me. Time for us to sleep! I have to think of a better format for my daily posts. I’ll do better next time! 


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