January 14, 2014 – Lesson Learned

As promised, I will be writing daily, or at least I will try. I may not be able to post it real time, but at least I should be able to write something, anything, before the day ends. 

  • Earlier today, I was struggling to explain a couple of product-related process. I was groping for words, and I felt that the sentences I did formulate made little to no sense. I learned my lesson: I should never train when I am hungry. I ate a few munchkins during our break.
From coloradoguy.com (click the picture to be redirected)

After that, I was back on the horse. I have to start polishing my communication skills a little more, especially now that I’ll have a kid in a few months!!!

  • I have noticed that my clothes don’t actually fit as well as I would have wanted. I need to gain weight, which means I need to go to the gym a little more, watch what I eat a little more, and manage my time better. Funny thing is, someone told me that I was gaining weight, and a few minutes later, someone told me that I looked thinner! I’m confused! 
  • I also have to up my creativity, and put better titles for these daily post. 😐
  • I have to go too, since my baby mama’s waiting for me and she’s sleepy as hell! Don’t want to get the pretty pregnant lady mad at her baby daddy!

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