Shopping for Alpha

We bought a few clothes for our baby yesterday and I can’t believe how happy I felt! Normally I frown at anything that requires me to go to a cashier and pay. We bought a onesie with a bib that says “I Love Daddy” and three pairs of tank tops and shorts.

We bought it a little big anticipating our baby’s size, and to make sure that he will be able to wear it until it no longer fits. ImageImage


I could have bought more, if not for the fact that money is a thing, and it is not infinite. My fiancee and I talked about how we hate shopping for our own clothes, but had a change of heart when we saw baby clothes. Parenthood, maybe?

We also checked out a few cribs, and strollers. We haven’t decided what to get but we are already eyeing a few. We may go with buying it online though, as it is a little cheaper.

Having said all that, I suck at taking pictures. I literally took these pictures a few seconds before I decided to write this post. I felt awkward using the phone’s camera, but I need to have something to show. My blog has been all words lately, primarily because I suck at photography.

We also downloaded Baby Music app, created by Elite Solutions. We play it before my fiancee goes to sleep. I read somewhere that it helps for the baby’s brain development. I hope this is true, too.

Baby Music

I also ticked “This post is super awesome” while editing this. I don’t know what that does, though. Here goes nothing!

Work Appraisal

  I just had a conversation with my new manager (who was also a former team-mate) for my annual appraisal. I have to admit, this is probably the best appraisal I had since I started working. I was awakened, so to speak. 

  It started off the way we have been trained to: with accomplishments. This, to me, so routinary that I normally just try to coax my previous managers about my areas for improvement. I always make it a point to meet the targets, as any employee would, and I keep track of my day-to-day numbers too, so I know where I am at. From the previous appraisal conversations I had, there was not much in the improvement area. When I was new, I thought I was doing a great job but when I started thinking about it, I realized that it can also mean that my manager is not able to provide specific coaching points because there’s too many of us reporting to her, that she is not able to keep track of everyone.

 Today was different, however. After the good points, came a bad news and some bad points. The position I was preparing for was no longer an ideal job. High level directors related to that post have been deemed redundant, either because of cost-cutting or because of expanding too fast and too soon. The position became a red flag. 

 The bad points of mine were about distractions. Without realizing it, I have used my fiancee’s pregnancy as an excuse, instead of motivation or inspiration. I slacked off the past few months, and my output has been obviously sub-par. I have to re-align my priorities, and “go back to the old me”, as my manager said. 

  This is the most fruitful meeting I have had, only because I now know what I need to improve. Sometimes, not hearing any improvement plans creates complacency. 

  Time to put in work. 


Alas, I failed my attempt at a daily post. It is pretty difficult, considering the fact that I have really little to no creative juice flowing the last two to three days. I had a few topics that I wanted to write about, but I found it hard to expound. I tried writing a draft, but all I did was go on and on around the topic and it looked more like a conversation between me and a tape recorder. I have to ease through this daily routine thing.

Speaking of daily routines, someone told me that one of our former “fat” colleagues now looks svelte (I said “fat” because to me, he looks okay. I always thought he had the right weight for his height). Turns out that he and his partner, one of the directors in the company, are now more physically active and both are in the “best shape of their lives” (sic).

I did a little more probing and found out that they are more consistently working out, running, eating better, and just basically doing everything that they can to look better. I envy these people so much! I am also looking for ways to improve my overall health, and gain a little more weight. I have been working out “for years” now, with only the littlest gains to show as proof, because I haven’t been able to do it as consistently as I need. Most often than not, I will be able to work out once a week. The problem is work. I spend more time in the office than anywhere else. I can’t say that’s an entirely a bad thing. It keeps food on the table and it helps pay the bills, but I would have wanted more extra-curricular activities. Especially now that I am about to have a son, I wouldn’t want him to think that his dad is too scrawny.

I have to find out how I can manage my time better. But with all the things happening right now, I don’t think that’ll happen. My fiancee is pregnant, so I have to stay in the office longer than I already have, and go home with her, and to make sure she is safe. Enrolling in Gold’s Gym, which is literally just a few steps away from the office is an option, but it is just too damn expensive.

So, I guess I already failed two things this year. Not the best way to start the year, but hopefully I won’t fail anything else.

January 15, 2014 – The Simpsons Tapped Out!

  1. The Simpsons: Tapped Out is crazy addicting! I find myself visiting my Springfield several times a day, sometimes taking an hour for just one visit! 


The mission that got me hooked is the the recent Christmas Gift Cards collection. It ended earlier today, January 14th EST (?). 


       2. I was recently diagnosed with Acute Rhinosinusitis (Google told me that I spelled that correctly.) and now, I have to wear a face mask, especially in carpeted areas, which is about the whole office building. 😐

Masks like these.

I felt weird, of course. I only wore it for a few minutes today. I have to get used to it, for God’s sake. It’s for my own health, anyway. I am, of course, expecting a lot of reactions and questions. I am still trying to imagine myself running a New Hire Training session wearing the mask. 

Before I forget: Acute Rhinosinusitis is the inflammation of my sinuses, because of an allergic reaction to something, resulting to a lot of nasal snot. At least that’s what the doctor said. It has been roughly 3 months that I have been wiping my nose thinking that it was just because of the cold office temperature. Turns out it was something else, and could have been more serious. I only made time to have myself checked when my sister, who was suffering from the same ailment, went to the hospital and got diagnosed with the same thing, although she already has nasal polyps. A bummer and a half, I know. I was scared that I may have the same thing, thus the X-Ray from my last post. And, apparently, I have a crooked nose. I still can’t get over this fact.



 3. I started using my iPhone notepad to draft this post. Pretty cool for me, although I still feel like I literally still need to write something if I am to fulfill my 2014 promise to “write everyday”. 

Screen Cap


Okay, that turned out too big. 😐

I don’t have time to edit this screen cap, though. I have to cook rice (It’s an Asian thing), plus my baby mama is waiting for me. Time for us to sleep! I have to think of a better format for my daily posts. I’ll do better next time! 

January 14, 2014 – Lesson Learned

As promised, I will be writing daily, or at least I will try. I may not be able to post it real time, but at least I should be able to write something, anything, before the day ends. 

  • Earlier today, I was struggling to explain a couple of product-related process. I was groping for words, and I felt that the sentences I did formulate made little to no sense. I learned my lesson: I should never train when I am hungry. I ate a few munchkins during our break.
From (click the picture to be redirected)

After that, I was back on the horse. I have to start polishing my communication skills a little more, especially now that I’ll have a kid in a few months!!!

  • I have noticed that my clothes don’t actually fit as well as I would have wanted. I need to gain weight, which means I need to go to the gym a little more, watch what I eat a little more, and manage my time better. Funny thing is, someone told me that I was gaining weight, and a few minutes later, someone told me that I looked thinner! I’m confused! 
  • I also have to up my creativity, and put better titles for these daily post. 😐
  • I have to go too, since my baby mama’s waiting for me and she’s sleepy as hell! Don’t want to get the pretty pregnant lady mad at her baby daddy!

Year Starter

  To start 2014, I will be literally writing more than I did last year. I have had a lot of things on my plate, but I do know that I could have inserted writing in between my work-schedule and family obligations.Same thing with reading; I have not had a sit-down with a book the past few years. Work ate up almost the entirety of my time, that I figured I will just rest on whatever time I have left, which is not a good thing, writing-reading-learning wise. Plus, I have my son (recently confirmed gender) to look forward to this year, so I have to be a good example for him. I want him to start writing his journals early, learn to read early and be smart (street and school). 

  My colleague also inspired me indirectly to write more. She was given a quaint notebook by another colleague, and she promised to write something everyday, even just as simple as her taking her medicine. She was also a blogger, but stopped when work ate much of her free time as well. 

 I am not sure if this is the way I want to start my year but I have been spending too much time on clinics, and hospitals lately. I have been accompanying my fiancee to her OB-GYN, and I had to have myself checked too, since I have had colds since last year. These visits are a mixture of good and bad news. The good news: we were able to confirm that the baby is abnormality free, and that he is a boy!!! I have a mini-me! The bad news is that, I have an allergy to something. I was given a set of medicines to take, and will undergo an allergy test to see where I am allergic to. 

 Going back to my boy, we want to  name him Alphaeus Mihkhail. I think I have said this before, but that’s first time parenthood for ya! A lot of people have been telling us that the name is too unique, and that our boy is going to have a hard time writing his name, et cetera. I say he’s going to be smart, and his name is great!

Next on our list is our civil wedding. Now, I will elaborate on my next post, since this is a sensitive subject, especially to me. Why, you ask? Again, next post! 

I have a few more classes to run this week, so if I will be true to my words and write everyday, everything will be about work, rants or everyday stuff. But, at least I will be writing! I may ask for the nice notebook that my fiancee bought, but hardly used. 

I will leave you guys with the result of my most recent X-Ray, showing my crooked nose, which thankfully, does not do any harm to me (according to an ENT expert).