First Time Dad Hopes

It has been a good year for me, capped off by the confirmation of my fiancee’s pregnancy. It was a surprise at first, with my pessimistic thoughts (Will we be able to support him/her financially?) to first-time daddy plans (We should teach him/her 2 languages, English and our vernacular, Filipino, so he/she has an advantage.) 

I will be honest, I am expecting a rough first few years, until we get used to the baby’s schedules (feeding, pooping, cleaning up, pacifying) to our schedules (work, eat, take care of the baby, try to get some sleep, repeat).

We have bought a few baby-related stuff in advance, and I am trying to borrow a few more from my colleagues, since they told me that the first year will be the most expensive year, as the baby will grow rather quickly. It’ll help us save a few bucks here and there.

I have a lot of plans running in my head right now, that I don’t even know how to translate it in a post. I want to make sure that we will be able to provide what the baby needs (the baby’s gender will be confirmed next year), but at the same time, we don’t want to raise a spoiled brat.

We will be living with my parents for a short while, until we get the stability that we need. My parents are very supportive, and they’ve been through 4 pregnancies, so their knowledge is bountiful. I also need their presence when the baby arrives; I cannot think of any other environment more suitable to raise a kid other than my parents’ abode. They raised me and my siblings well, and I am hoping of raising a carbon copy of me too.

I am hoping for a baby boy, but as long as the baby is healthy, I don’t mind any gender. One of my sexist colleagues already ribbed me about having the possibility of having a homosexual offspring. To be honest, I don’t even care. As long as he/she grows up to be smart, and nice. I will accept him/her, whatever sexual preference he/she has.

We already came up with a name. If we have a boy, he will be named Alphaeus Maximillan. If it’s a she, then she will be named Alphaea Maxim. The root words Alpha and Max means “First Born” and “The Greatest”, respectively. Some people told me that the child will have a hard time with the name, to which I re-butt: “My child won’t be stupid. He/she won’t have a difficult time with his/her own name.”

I am also planning on starting a blog for all the stories that I would like to tell my kid. I got the idea with my own parents’ love of sharing their own stories. I want to share it to my child verbally, and if we’re gone, he/she has a repository to go through.

I am also hoping that my child shares the same interest I have with writing and reading. I don’t want to expose him too early to consoles, video games, social media. I would like him/her to appreciate the books, the board games, the physical activities that we normally have at home. After a few years, I will eventually let him/her learn about technology.

I have a lot of plans! I hope most of them will be met, and for me and my fiancee to be great parents.


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