An Awkward Situation at Work… Or is it?

   I recently moved back to the morning shift, and dreaded my first two days in it. I wanted to go back to the night shift, to avoid the morning rush going to work and the afternoon rush going back home. However, I will be assigned another program to assist, so I need to attend a training class as if I was fresh off the streets. 

  This day started with a lot of reports to generate. One of our team-mates was recently promoted, so I was tasked to do her duties as her next-in-line. Running reports is easy, I just don’t want to do it in the morning shift. My body thinks that working in the morning is a real bore, so it tends to shut down quickly. I drank a cup of coffee to no avail, only succeeding a few minutes when I scalded my upper lip and tongue. Way to go. 

  After a few hours of running reports, I decided to go to the training room that I was assigned to. I was supposed to observe a colleague for content and not really for coaching purposes, so I said I can lower my guard down a bit. I wanted to continue generating reports inside the room but the PCs do not have the necessary software as it is a training PC, and I did not want to fight with my internal snooze button in front of other people. 

  Once I opened the door, I approached my team-mate and asked where I can sit down. He pointed me to a PC at the back, near the wall. I liked the location, attention will not be taken from the lead facilitator.

  I have not even taken a half step towards my station when he introduced me to his class. “This” is (my first name), guys! Say hi!” I greeted the class when I heard someone mentioning my full name. “Are you (my full name)?” 

  I was a bit surprised and said “Yes..? How do you know my name?” I was thinking she was a former trainee of mine, or someone whose sibling was a former trainee, or something to that effect. She then said “You came from (my high school), right?”

  This, again surprised me. “Yes” was my answer, again. By this time, I was now thinking that she either was a school-mate, or a sister of one of my school-mates. She continued: “You were from (my classmate’s name)’s batch, right?”

  This is the part when it actually started to annoy me. I could have said “No” to any of her questions to just stop the conversation there, but I was curious. I wanted to know who this lady was who knows so much about me. I gave her another quizzical “Yes” and asked her for her name (“May I know your name?” with brows furrowed).

  Her answer was: “You don’t know me?!?”

  If my brows were furrowed earlier, my brows were almost a uni by this time.  

  She then provided her name. 

  I was like “Oh Shit!” inside. My eyes went wide with surprise. I didn’t mean to, but unfortunately, it showed. 

  Turns out that she was a lady that I had a brief “history” with. I honestly did not recognize her, and I still am not sure if she is who she claims to be. 

  The best response I could provide was an “O-oookay…” and a weak smile. Everyone felt the awkwardness in the room, and I just had to break it, so I walked to my assigned seat. 

  I logged in, and the PC had to run my credentials. It chose this exact time to take forever. I then noticed that everyone was still quiet, even my colleague. He was looking at me with a “WTF happened?” look. I cracked a joke and asked him to continue his discussion, which he thankfully did. 

 Being the good partner that I am, I sent a text message to my girlfriend, telling her of the situation. She seemed cool with it, and even teased me a bit. I breathed a sigh of relief. I was thinking “I am going to terminate her!!” 

  I was on my home when I realized that feeling the awkwardness was a natural thing, but I cannot let the things that happened in high school interfere with her work, and mine. High school was a long time ago, I moved on and found a great woman. I have thrown the bad memories and charged it to experience. 

   I hope she feels the same way, too.  😐


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