Juvenile Delinquency

Earlier today, I became a witness to a theft, and all I was able to do was feel pissed off. I saw 2 kids grab and snatch a lady’s item (I am not sure if it was her phone or her bracelet) while I was about to cross a pedestrian lane. The lady was on a jeepney (pictured below).


There are no windows, as you can see, so the lady was exposed. One of  the kids grabbed her arm and yanked something and then bolted. His accomplice was waiting a few feet away, also ran to the same direction.

Unfortunately, this is starting to become common in the Philippine streets, so much so that the juvenile creeps start to bring a copy of their birth certificate everyday, so they can use it to avoid jail. When they get caught, they give it to the police and the police, according to the stupid Philippine Juvenile Law, are not allowed to arrest minors or anyone under 18 years old. These criminals proliferate and even murder innocent people, without fear of being punished.

I wanted to run after the thieves, but being wise to the ways of the streets, I knew that they have other accomplices. This is what pisses me off a little more: The police station is not even a block or two away, and still the thieves are running rampant. Juvenile protection my ass. The  “smart” lawmakers does not want any juvy to be persecuted until they reach the age of “discernment”. I wonder what the hell they are smoking? These kids have all the fucking “discernment” in the world, enough for them to decide to kill people.  

These kids do not have an excuse. So what if they are impoverished? So what if they have family problems? I grew up with the same circumstance and never resorted to crime. I grew up with next to nothing, but our family chose to work honestly, and work hard for what we need. They do not have an excuse for killing people for material possessions.

My dad and my brothers got pissed too, when I told them what I saw. We all wished that our neighborhood start to realize that if we let this continue, then we will succumb to crime. I hope we start to eliminate the pests and bring mob justice. I don’t want to be a hypocrite, so I will say this: I hope that they get what they deserve. Stealing from people is bad, especially if they worked their asses off for what they have. I wish they die too so the world is a bit safer. There I said it.

If they kill, they deserve to be killed too.


2 thoughts on “Juvenile Delinquency

  1. I understand your feelings. The government should establish a juvenile detention center ( to separate them from adults), and they should start hauling them in, and detain them.

    • I hope they do. Witnessing these acts (including murders) over the years is taxing and a person has limits. It’s sad that the only thing I can do is rant about it on my blog.

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