The Road to Promotion

I am guilty of neglecting this blog for too long. It is high time for me to get the flow back and maybe start writing consistently again. I have an excuse though! I have been attending an on boarding with our Learning Specialist for a possible Instructional Designer position, which may be available next year! Take note of the keywords, possible and maybe . I am not sure if there will be a business need, but I am hoping that there will be! For those who are not familiar, I am working as part of the Training team in an international company, and an Instructional Designer  is a person who creates materials needed for training (in a jist). I have been assigned several ID specific tasks, and I have been working hard to accomplish them, thus lesser time to write.

This, however, is not all sunshine. There are resentments within the team with me being picked for the next possible promotion, mainly because of my age. I am relatively young (24), but they might have forgotten that I started really early as well (I was 19 when I became a part of our Training team, so that gives me about 5 years of relevant experience). Plus, if I get the post, I will be vacating my current  position, which means one program will be left without a suitable trainer. We came up with what we thought was a great solution: get someone from the program and train him/her to be my possible replacement. The only problem is, the guy that we got was a dumb-ass (not to sound arrogant, just saying). My manager was struggling to get a candidate, because of the shallow talent pool, but my teammate vouched for this dude, so my manager decided to go with my teammate’s advice. Bad move. No matter how I try to coach him, I just end up getting frustrated. He is in a one year contract, and we’re just waiting for it to pan out. I don’t want to start ranting but he does not possess any skill that we need, nor can he acquire the skills that we need, no matter how hard I try. Plus, his attitude changed from bad to worse the moment he got in the team.  I can’t see myself passing the torch to him, definitely.

Is that too mean? Sorry. But I have learned to avoid trusting people’s suggestions 100%.


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