A New Project and The Elections

For the elections, please read my take on it last November 11, 2012 here. It’s so appalling that I refuse to write about it again. I did not vote, for the 3rd time. I still do not see anyone worth voting.

I also have another project: since I went back to the gym yesterday, and planning to try and be consistent again, I thought of documenting my experiences and challenges. I have been trying to change my physique since I was 19, but my work schedule sometimes gets in the way and I find myself going to the gym for a few months straight, and then a couple of months away. It has been inconsistent that anything I gain, I lose all the same. It gets frustrating , but I am not willing to give up.

I am also planning on changing my goal, too. I have been aiming for maximal muscle gain before, but I have encountered too many challenges that I have considered that as an impossible thing. Number one, the aforementioned erratic schedule. I find myself in a tough situation time-wise too many times that any little change vanishes. Number two, nutrition. I cannot follow a strict diet because of lack of availability. It’s not like I can choose what to eat whenever I mean to. I have to make do with what’s available at home, in the office pantry, or what is available in the stores. I did my research, but most of the recipes on the internet involves western food that I don’t know the equivalent here. Plus, I have no idea how to get the calories of the food that I eat. Number three, I am no longer trying to gain as much muscle as I can (since it’s impossible anyway). I am now looking for functional strength, also to prepare for next year’s summer Company Games. I am planning on joining the basketball team for one last push for the championship. I found several programs that are specific to basketball players, and I am willing to try them out, which leads me to number four. Number four is I do not have a trainer, and I cannot afford one yet, so I am sticking to my own research and applying it to my program. Trial and error at its best, not knowing who can and cannot be trusted on the internet. It will be nice to have someone create a program scientifically, but I don’t think I will ever have that, not in the near future anyway.

I just need a good title for my second blog.  I am thinking of something related to ectomorphs (naturally skinny dudes). I am hoping to start posting as soon as this week. I am also thinking of putting my progress pictures. That is, if I ever get over my bodily insecurities and if and when I get results. Any results.


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