2013 Sportsfest

It’s time for summer events again! We have our Sportsfest officially underway with the Opening Ceremonies yesterday. I was not able to attend yesterday as I suddenly got a bad case of the colds. I still have it, and I am worried that it will be a hindrance on our first game, due in a few hours. We have not received our basketball jerseys yet, just like last year, so I am not sure how it would look. I almost always had a problem with jerseys. 5 feet 3 inches is short, I admit, and I normally see the “one size fits all” mentality of tailors. They pretend to get my measurements and then just goes ahead and makes a jersey that is one size bigger than me. If you think I look like a kid, wait until you see me with these types of jerseys.

I also don’t claim to be the best player on my team, like most of the people I knew (and they will be reading this too). I got a teammate who usually tell me that I will be warming the bench this season. I hope I don’t, and if ever I get the chance to play, I will be playing my heart out on the court. I already know that there will be a lot better players than me, and majority of them will be taller (obviously), but if I get scared now, then something’s wrong with me. I have played as an underdog (literally and figuratively) all my life, so no need to b**ch out now.

I am also hoping to get our first win today. I distinctly remember last year’s zero win season, mainly because of lack of players. On an average, there were only 8 players who regularly attend our games last season, compared to a gazillion that we go up against. We do a great performance on the first 2 or 3 quarters, and then run out of gas on the 4th. At one point, we led by 25 until late 3rd quarter, where we just felt too exhausted to maintain the lead.

And lastly, I hope I don’t get injured like last time. I got a cut on my forehead due to an elbow, and had to sit out our last game. And the video of Kevin Ware’s injury also scares me. Here’s hoping for a safe season.

If you have not seen the video yet, here is a link from slate.com. Please do note that it may disturb you, so please watch on your own risk.


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