Home Schooling for ID-ship

A quick post before I sleep; it’s funny that I get the urge to write/type a post when I am close to snoozing.

I have taken quite an interest in instructional design. Having worked closely with, and having a friend as one, I now find myself reading a lot of books and articles about designing. I am currently nose-deep in Chuck Hodell’s ISD From the Ground Up book, teaching myself a bit about the trade.

I also looked up a few distant schools for a supplementary course for teaching. I don’t have a bachelor’s degree, yet I find myself in the facilitating field. I hated most of my teachers and professors (for various reasons), but I found myself on the same path as them, technically speaking. I realized this when I finished a quick overview of lesson planning. I am planning on enrolling in one of these universities that offer distant learning some time after I get my youngest brother through school (he is on his 3rd year, in college). I have always had the “you don’t have a college degree” monkey on my back and I am itching of getting it off, and get it over with. My achievements are sometimes multiplied by this fact (“You did this without a degree?”) but unfortunately they are darkened a bit with this fact,too (“You did this? You don’t have a degree, right? Um, okay.”). Such a big monkey on my back.

I am also shadowing, or more like stalking, my colleague/friend in the office who is our local learning specialist to learn tricks of her trade, and being a visual-kinesthetic learner that I am, I benefit a lot from the stalking.

I hope to be competent enough pretty soon, but for now I need to sleep.


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