Xray Time

I recently had an unexplained pain in my right foot. I am still not sure how it happened, but I think it occurred when I got home after the most recent basketball game that I played. I tried going up for a block from a player running a fastbreak, did not get the contact that I was expecting, and landed hard on my right foot. The weird thing is, I did not feel the pain until after I got home, took a nap and went down to the bathroom for a call of nature. I was about two steps off the stairs when I felt a bit of pain.

The location of the pain
The location of the pain

I was scared that I injured it, with our company Sports Festival nearing. It does not hurt much, but it was still giving me second thoughts when I flex my foot.


A few days later, we had another practice game, and I tried wrapping it with a bandage. I felt awkward running up and down the court at first, thinking that I might aggravate whatever it was that was injured. But a few minutes and a few sprints later, I grew more comfortable, since I was not feeling the pain, surprisingly. The practice went smooth, and I went home afterwards, forgetting the pain a bit. The only reminder I had was when I went to get something off the bed, and I flexed my foot again, causing me to feel it.

I decided to go to a doctor to have it checked, finally. I consistently put it off since I had a very tight schedule, and I know how long it takes for me to talk to any doctor.

My girlfriend and I went to the nearest company clinic and waited for our name to be called. We waited for a few hours to no avail. I had to go back the following day since my wife is already tired, hungry and grumpy from waiting.

The process was quick but it was not free of difficulty.  I had to hold my foot in a certain position for the x-ray, and I was not completely adept at it because of the injury. I got the results a few days later, in a CD. No more x-ray films to look at, just a plain, old CD to check in a computer.

The result was: “No demonstrable osseous nor joint abnormality in the views obtained”,  which was a great news! I can still play and practice without having to think of a nagging injury.

The pain was still present until a few more days, and currently gone. I have not felt it again, but the timing couldn’t have been worse, since we haven’t had any practice games for the past three weeks.

Here are the x-ray views:

Xray2 Xray3 Xray1

X-Ray #2 was the most uncomfortable, since I had to hold that position for several seconds, and I had to do it twice since the first shot came out a bit fuzzy.


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