Hopeless Philippine Politics

In less than 24 hours after the voting proper, Barack Obama was re-elected US president. In a somewhat related note, we are also going to have our own elections, although it’s not for presidency, and I am willing to bet that it will not take a mere one or two days to determine winners, and in a case similar to yester-years, losers who got cheated. I mean, come on, no one loses squarely in Philippine politics.

I did not vote during the previous elections, and I have no plans of voting this year. I know every man has the right to suffrage, but it is one right that I don’t think matters in my country anymore. Not when you see blatant political dynasties, political murders and questionable wealth all over your candidates.

Let me just put it this way. We Filipinos have been facing the same problems since time-immemorial. Same leaders, same problems. We are offered little to no choice with who to vote for, and who to put our faith on. One reason why we even vote is the hope that someone out there may be able to save us, but that someone is not in the list of people who have been holding key positions for about 10 years or more.

Voter’s registration ended October 31st, and as expected, a lot of people waited for the last day to register. I heard a lot of complaints from my acquaintances about the process, saying “it takes too long”, “I hate waiting in line” blah blah blah. My take is why wait for the deadline itself to register? If we’re expecting change, I’m thinking maybe we should start the change in ourselves? Just maybe, though.

On May13, 2013, election for almost 18,000 public service seats will be held. The bigger question is, how many of the candidates are really looking to make a change? How many of them are looking for control and power?

A few “celebrities” are also running for several key positions. I wonder how many of them will do something for the city or district that they will run for? I remember a few times when we had a “celebrity” elected as our mayor, governor, etc. I look around and see the same problems I have been seeing ever since. Stupidly built infrastructures and roads, and filth. Not because they play good guys on TV or movies, does not mean they will be good guys on real life. Sadly, that’s how a lot of Filipinos think. They vote because they like the celebrity, and think that this guy/girl will do great when he/she gets the congressional seat, since he/she is a good actor/actress. Logic.

When will the voters tire of seeing the same last names all over their area? When will the voters tire of knowing and hearing the son of the current mayor/governor/senator running for the same seat? And the daughter? How about the son’s son’s son’s son’s daughter? Let’s not forget the cousin. Just because their mother/father/grandparents did something great does not mean they will be able to do the same thing.

I remember the last election I tried to participate in. The line was so long, that it was already my second hour in line but I was still not able to vote. I gave up, only after checking the precinct voters list. Lo and behold, my dead grandfather was still on the list, apparently he registered. In all fairness, the government invested in PCOS machines, automated counting machines that is. The sad part is, a few politicians also invested in some of them, and stashing it at home. The best part? the legit and illegal machines were sending numbers to the same server. Magic happening all around the archipelago.

End of rant. And oh, Manny Pac should concentrate on boxing.


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