Real Talk

Day 1 of Leadership Training; and because of that I was moved to the mid-shift. First time I have ever been to the 2pm to 10 pm shift. I thought I was going to get away from everyone, and have a fresh, new start with July. It turns out, all of my teammates were also moved to the mid-shift for their own Leadership Training. For that, I’ll start with a baby facepalm.

I am switching roles now. I have been facilitating Training almost all of my life with my current company, and now I am going to be attending a training facilitated by another trainer. I felt awkward earlier. I did not know how to act. I am so used to speaking in front of my class that I found it difficult to stay in my seat.

I am scheduled to attend this training for one week, and then off to another training the next week, so on and so forth, until the end of July. I am scheduled to be with different trainers from different sites. Being the loner type that I am, I was not really engaging all throughout the day’s discussion. Now I know (again) how my trainees feel during the always-awkward first day. There was one time when we just came back from our lunch (or break, I forgot what it was) that there were just four of us in the room (out of nine participants), and we did not talk to each other for a whole 5 minutes. I ended up browsing through a planner just to avoid eye contact. One of the other two trainers eventually started small talk, and that got the ball rolling, at least for them. I just gave them acknowledgments, and a couple of smiles, to show courtesy and to show that I was at least listening. I give myself another facepalm for that.

  I really need to work on my loner-ism.

  After the training, I went back to the room, and surprisingly or not, saw a lot of people in the Trainer’s pod (what we call our office).  So, customary greetings were exchanged, and then I hurriedly clocked out. One of my teammates said they bought quesadillas for everyone (for an occasion that I cannot remember. Maybe it was someone’s birthday), and that unfortunately, someone ate my piece. I told them it was okay, since I was going home anyway, and then bade them goodbye.

 I thought I was going home alone, but I saw one of my co-Trainers, a guy, and he was going the same way I was.  I was thinking:

 Turns out that it was the best part of the day for me.

 I’ll write about it on a separate post, as we had a lot discussed. And for me expecting the worst, but getting a great conversation, I give myself:


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