We’re Not Ready for War

I just read an article on Yahoo Philippinesmaking the dawn a little more terrifying than usual. The thought of having another war, in this modern but already hard times, makes one question even the slightest idea of a war.

To be honest, the Philippines is not ready for another war.


The Philippines has a history of wars as any other nation, going back to the Independence Wars it participated (against Spain and Japan, respectively), and its participation on World War II.

That was years ago.

This is all because of the Panatag ShoalChina is claiming that the shoal is theirs, while our country claims the same thing. I don’t think we need another war just to set things straight with an island, to which we own, according to maritime standards. I don’t even want to start a debate with the ownership. All I’m saying is, we don’t have to go to war for it. There’s too much at stake.

We don’t even have the existing manpower or artillery, or ships/aircrafts for war. All we have, if we’re going to base it in the article’s comments are willing and able-bodied volunteers. But that is just words over the web. If shit hits the fan, are we really going to be able to even remotely defend our country? The question of getting drafted to this war if it happens is already answered, but it does not mean that people who would be involved in the war would be prepared.

Sure, we can go to the “manly” and “macho” way, going blitzkrieg into a war. Masculinity would always lead us into a fight, but it would not guarantee victory.

I’m not saying that we need to just give the island up, as we need its resources. But thinking about it would help. If we do get the island, who says that we, as Filipinos, would benefit from it? I don’t think we are making good use of our existing natural resources, which is bountiful. I have to admit that getting this island would only benefit a few, as always.

Politically, we are a weak nation. We vote people who are famous, and not people with visions to change the way we are living. We vote people who are already rich, thinking that they would not steal as much money as opposed to voting people who are “poor”. We vote people who are already in specific positions, and we just give them different names (President to Mayor, Mayor to Senator, etc). We are not given a choice either. We don’t trust them to even run a local municipality, and yet we vote them. If a war would start, how would we trust this same people?

Looking into the future, if and when, God forbid, this war really happens, how would we rebuild? A war takes a lot out of a country. We haven’t even established ourselves out of the “third world country” category. If you’d say yes, I would think about how the people in the “lower class” would answer.

I’m hoping that they would find a much peaceful way of resolving this dispute. I wouldn’t want to risk everything I have for a war that we would surely lose. If I would get drafted, then I would do what I have to do. But I am hoping that that would be the last resort.




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