I have followed a lot of blogs, and I am still planning to follow a lot more, but I want to send my apologies to the blog authors, admins, contributors, writers, and all the people who are maintaining the sites that I am following. I have committed an act that I have tried to avoid, which I know some of the bloggers are guilty too.

    I have not read the recent posts in your blogs.

    I know, it is awful, but let me just clarify one thing: I did not intend to do it. I just found myself swamped with work, that I am not able to sit down and read the posts. I am only able to access my blog at work, and there are a lot of restrictions when you’re using a work computer. One, I can’t access the sites unless I use a proxy. Two, I can’t let other people see I am blogging at work, or reading blogs at work. When I get home, I usually go to the gym, do my usual chores, and sleep (I need it) so I can’t really sit down and and surf the web, let alone read. My posts are affected too. I can only find time to squeeze one or two posts a week, maximum. My posts are not even the best posts, admittedly. I can only write it on a notebook, and then expand it when I can. Sometimes, I get great ideas, but it comes on weird times. When I am on a bus, in the restroom, before going to sleep, in my dreams, when I am leading a class. I have a couple of drafts in my email, but I can’t seem to continue after a few sentences. Writer’s block, at it’s finest.

    With all these problems, I even had the gall to think about a project, writing an autobiography and posting it online. I can’t even think of title, and I don’t know where to start.

My Guilty Face

   To resolve this, I have changed the settings of my account, and had my email updated with all of the new posts.I found it useless at first, as I was still able to regularly go to wordpress, but now, it is essential. Hopefully, this would help.

I also went through and browsed the blogs that I followed and left some comments (when my proxy allowed me to). I included it in my daily tasks, to check out any email update from WordPress.com.

Wish me luck!


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