After a few weeks of going to the office early, I had to go to the office later than usual. Keep in mind that when I say “early”, I mean 8pm-ish, since I am in the night shift. I had to go to work at 10pm since I had to facilitate a Training Class at 6am the following day. Being the paranoid that I am, I felt a bit uneasy going out at that time, knowing the current state of the streets. My mom didn’t help out either, as she told me to be careful, reminding me of how bad people can get, and how these bad people almost always shows up at night. I knew she meant well, and she just wanted to warn me and have me be careful, but that made me a bit uneasier.

    I got on a bus pretty quickly, since there was one waiting at the end of our street. Settling on a seat near the window, I was hoping that no one would sit beside me, or if someone does, I was hoping that he/she would not look shady. I heard a lot of stories of people getting held up by people beside them on a bus, pockets picked, or getting their bags slashed and their valuables stripped. I wouldn’t want that to happen to me, even when I don’t really have anything that I would consider steal-worthy.

   Twenty minutes later, six burly men go on the bus at the same time, taking different seats. To a regular passenger, it seems nothing, although they too, would be a bit scared, just by looking at these people. But having watched a lot of crime shows, I took a mental note at where they sat.

   Strategic points.

   One behind the driver, two somewhere in the middle, and two sat at the back.

   I didn’t go off the bus, but I was praying for our safety.

    I got off my usual place, after what felt like hours, but it was actually just 15 minutes. Nothing untoward happened, worrying like that may seem useless, but I dare you to watch one of our local news, and see what happens to your nerves.

     To think that this happens everyday.

    I admit that I am also guilty of stereotyping, as evident by the paragraphs above.To be honest, it is not hard to judge people by how they look.If I saw anyone who looks shady, I would immediately think that he/she may be up to no good. I can’t really completely blame myself though, as this is based from experience. Believe me, there is no better teacher than experience.

   But times are changing. Watching the aforementioned news gave me a whole new perspective, albeit negatively. Crooks come in all shapes, forms, sizes and age. Swindlers and hold uppers may now look clean shaven and professional, falsely giving assurance to anyone they would encounter and victimize.

   With all the craziness that is going on around me, I learned not to completely trust anyone, outside of my immediate family.Call me a paranoid, but with the direction our environment is headed, I would prefer to have no contact with anyone to avoid any untoward incident.


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