NBA Finals 2012: Game 1

  Game 1 goes to Oklahoma City Thunder, 105, to Miami Heat’s 94. Of course, everyone is talking about it. With everyone, I mean basketball fans and enthusiasts.

I’m a Laker fan, but if the Lakers lose,  I usually root for whoever beats LA. I’m a Western Conference guy, and Oklahoma beat my team, so I am rooting for them now.

  I watched the game closely, and although I was disappointed with the commentators, I did not let it ruin the excitement. I felt like I was part of the Blue Crowd at Chesapeake Arena (originally Ford Center and formerly Oklahoma City Arena) . Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to have Filipino commentators for a Filipino telecast, but I was hoping it would have been Stan “The Man” Van Gundy, Reggie Miller, and/or Marc Jackson (if possible, I think he’s a coach now for Golden State). I would have loved to hear insights from an experienced player and coach about the game. All I hear is recycled comments over and over. Maybe send some other commentators?

  It is given that both superstars from both teams would be scoring, but my sigh of relief came when Thabo Sefolosha played and just changed the game. He made few bad decisions offensively, and referees bailed him out, but defensively, he was a gem.

 He guarded Lebron and Wade The game’s outcome was decided by defense, and Thabo contributed greatly.

  Another person in OKC that stepped up was Nick Collison.

 I saw him play before for the same team (although they were called Seattle Supersonics), and did not think he contributed much. Now, I finally appreciate his work.

  “Clean the glass, Nick. Clean the Glass”. 

  I’m hoping OKC takes this series. And takes it quickly. Miami’s too good to let them hang on.


2 thoughts on “NBA Finals 2012: Game 1

  1. Though I am a New York Knicks fan, I was surprised and disappointed withthe game. The Heat needed to get their game in order and some rest before the game. Oakahoma was no joke. Miami better get it together and not take these young men for granted.

    • The Boston series might have ruined their Game 1, but we’ll have to wait until Game 2 and/or 3 to 4 to see if OKC really is legit. Thanks for dropping by!

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