We’re Not Ready for War

I just read an article on Yahoo Philippinesmaking the dawn a little more terrifying than usual. The thought of having another war, in this modern but already hard times, makes one question even the slightest idea of a war.

To be honest, the Philippines is not ready for another war.


The Philippines has a history of wars as any other nation, going back to the Independence Wars it participated (against Spain and Japan, respectively), and its participation on World War II.

That was years ago.

This is all because of the Panatag ShoalChina is claiming that the shoal is theirs, while our country claims the same thing. I don’t think we need another war just to set things straight with an island, to which we own, according to maritime standards. I don’t even want to start a debate with the ownership. All I’m saying is, we don’t have to go to war for it. There’s too much at stake.

We don’t even have the existing manpower or artillery, or ships/aircrafts for war. All we have, if we’re going to base it in the article’s comments are willing and able-bodied volunteers. But that is just words over the web. If shit hits the fan, are we really going to be able to even remotely defend our country? The question of getting drafted to this war if it happens is already answered, but it does not mean that people who would be involved in the war would be prepared.

Sure, we can go to the “manly” and “macho” way, going blitzkrieg into a war. Masculinity would always lead us into a fight, but it would not guarantee victory.

I’m not saying that we need to just give the island up, as we need its resources. But thinking about it would help. If we do get the island, who says that we, as Filipinos, would benefit from it? I don’t think we are making good use of our existing natural resources, which is bountiful. I have to admit that getting this island would only benefit a few, as always.

Politically, we are a weak nation. We vote people who are famous, and not people with visions to change the way we are living. We vote people who are already rich, thinking that they would not steal as much money as opposed to voting people who are “poor”. We vote people who are already in specific positions, and we just give them different names (President to Mayor, Mayor to Senator, etc). We are not given a choice either. We don’t trust them to even run a local municipality, and yet we vote them. If a war would start, how would we trust this same people?

Looking into the future, if and when, God forbid, this war really happens, how would we rebuild? A war takes a lot out of a country. We haven’t even established ourselves out of the “third world country” category. If you’d say yes, I would think about how the people in the “lower class” would answer.

I’m hoping that they would find a much peaceful way of resolving this dispute. I wouldn’t want to risk everything I have for a war that we would surely lose. If I would get drafted, then I would do what I have to do. But I am hoping that that would be the last resort.




     I have followed a lot of blogs, and I am still planning to follow a lot more, but I want to send my apologies to the blog authors, admins, contributors, writers, and all the people who are maintaining the sites that I am following. I have committed an act that I have tried to avoid, which I know some of the bloggers are guilty too.

    I have not read the recent posts in your blogs.

    I know, it is awful, but let me just clarify one thing: I did not intend to do it. I just found myself swamped with work, that I am not able to sit down and read the posts. I am only able to access my blog at work, and there are a lot of restrictions when you’re using a work computer. One, I can’t access the sites unless I use a proxy. Two, I can’t let other people see I am blogging at work, or reading blogs at work. When I get home, I usually go to the gym, do my usual chores, and sleep (I need it) so I can’t really sit down and and surf the web, let alone read. My posts are affected too. I can only find time to squeeze one or two posts a week, maximum. My posts are not even the best posts, admittedly. I can only write it on a notebook, and then expand it when I can. Sometimes, I get great ideas, but it comes on weird times. When I am on a bus, in the restroom, before going to sleep, in my dreams, when I am leading a class. I have a couple of drafts in my email, but I can’t seem to continue after a few sentences. Writer’s block, at it’s finest.

    With all these problems, I even had the gall to think about a project, writing an autobiography and posting it online. I can’t even think of title, and I don’t know where to start.

My Guilty Face

   To resolve this, I have changed the settings of my account, and had my email updated with all of the new posts.I found it useless at first, as I was still able to regularly go to wordpress, but now, it is essential. Hopefully, this would help.

I also went through and browsed the blogs that I followed and left some comments (when my proxy allowed me to). I included it in my daily tasks, to check out any email update from WordPress.com.

Wish me luck!

The Plight of Philippine Police

   I saw one police checkpoint last night when I was on my way to work, and remembered an article that I read in a newspaper about the downward spiral of the Philippine Police. There are too many police involved in crimes, from the most petty to the most gruesome. Most of the crimes involves a PO1 (Police Officer 1), or in our terms, newbies. People who just got in the force, already exhibit unscrupulous behavior, using their badge as a shield for immunity. They think they can get away with it, and most of the time, they do.

    It is ironic that when I see the guys and girls in uniform, I feel safe, only for a second, or only as long as they keep their distance. I always remember that some of them can coddle thieves, murderers or pimps. You can listen to the news each day and you’ll always hear a segment about rogue cops. If this was an isolated incident, then there’s too much of a coincidence.

   My dad, who was a street vendor, knows a couple of policemen, both good and bad. There are cops who extort money from them for their “protection”, in addition to the tax that they are already paying. There are a few who starts out honest, but succumbs to influence after a few months in the job.

   Just a couple of days ago, the Philippine National Police (PNP) launched a program for the “Biggest Loser:Police Version” for overweight members of the force. It is a good program, because honestly, the stereotype of the obese police with their huge gut bulging out of their uniform trying to catch a spry and quick-footed thief is all too real. The movies show it, and sometimes we see it on TV. When the citizens see it in person, we think it’s funny but if we would need them to act, I don’t think they’ll be able to meet expectations with that physical form. It does not help their image either. Now we see the force as a group of overweight, corrupt people, pretending to be lawful officers.


   After a few weeks of going to the office early, I had to go to the office later than usual. Keep in mind that when I say “early”, I mean 8pm-ish, since I am in the night shift. I had to go to work at 10pm since I had to facilitate a Training Class at 6am the following day. Being the paranoid that I am, I felt a bit uneasy going out at that time, knowing the current state of the streets. My mom didn’t help out either, as she told me to be careful, reminding me of how bad people can get, and how these bad people almost always shows up at night. I knew she meant well, and she just wanted to warn me and have me be careful, but that made me a bit uneasier.

    I got on a bus pretty quickly, since there was one waiting at the end of our street. Settling on a seat near the window, I was hoping that no one would sit beside me, or if someone does, I was hoping that he/she would not look shady. I heard a lot of stories of people getting held up by people beside them on a bus, pockets picked, or getting their bags slashed and their valuables stripped. I wouldn’t want that to happen to me, even when I don’t really have anything that I would consider steal-worthy.

   Twenty minutes later, six burly men go on the bus at the same time, taking different seats. To a regular passenger, it seems nothing, although they too, would be a bit scared, just by looking at these people. But having watched a lot of crime shows, I took a mental note at where they sat.

   Strategic points.

   One behind the driver, two somewhere in the middle, and two sat at the back.

   I didn’t go off the bus, but I was praying for our safety.

    I got off my usual place, after what felt like hours, but it was actually just 15 minutes. Nothing untoward happened, worrying like that may seem useless, but I dare you to watch one of our local news, and see what happens to your nerves.

     To think that this happens everyday.

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NBA Finals 2012: Game 1

  Game 1 goes to Oklahoma City Thunder, 105, to Miami Heat’s 94. Of course, everyone is talking about it. With everyone, I mean basketball fans and enthusiasts.

I’m a Laker fan, but if the Lakers lose,  I usually root for whoever beats LA. I’m a Western Conference guy, and Oklahoma beat my team, so I am rooting for them now.

  I watched the game closely, and although I was disappointed with the commentators, I did not let it ruin the excitement. I felt like I was part of the Blue Crowd at Chesapeake Arena (originally Ford Center and formerly Oklahoma City Arena) . Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to have Filipino commentators for a Filipino telecast, but I was hoping it would have been Stan “The Man” Van Gundy, Reggie Miller, and/or Marc Jackson (if possible, I think he’s a coach now for Golden State). I would have loved to hear insights from an experienced player and coach about the game. All I hear is recycled comments over and over. Maybe send some other commentators?

  It is given that both superstars from both teams would be scoring, but my sigh of relief came when Thabo Sefolosha played and just changed the game. He made few bad decisions offensively, and referees bailed him out, but defensively, he was a gem.

 He guarded Lebron and Wade The game’s outcome was decided by defense, and Thabo contributed greatly.

  Another person in OKC that stepped up was Nick Collison.

 I saw him play before for the same team (although they were called Seattle Supersonics), and did not think he contributed much. Now, I finally appreciate his work.

  “Clean the glass, Nick. Clean the Glass”. 

  I’m hoping OKC takes this series. And takes it quickly. Miami’s too good to let them hang on.

Buying a House

You know you’re getting old when you start thinking about getting a house.

That’s exactly what I’m feeling right now, because that’s exactly what we’re doing. This is one of the reasons why I am trying to be as tight with my money as possible. I get a lot of ribbing and comments about how I don’t have a life, or I should get a new phone, or I should go shop, but I don’t let it get to me. You can buy your iPhones and Blackberries, I’m looking at more important things.

Marla and I started looking at a few houses last Sunday. We went to Gran Seville in Cabuyao, Laguna. I fell in love with one of the houses there, but what others me is the location. It is too far from my work place. I’m thinking of buying it and then having it rented out for the mean time, which surprisingly, is the same thing her mom was thinking.

The place was really nice. It has a clubhouse, a playground for kids, and a basketball court too.

Here’s a video to give everyone an idea of what the place, and the houses, looks like:

Here’s a few pictures too:

Location is one of the main obstacles that we’re facing, and I’m hoping to see a house nearer Makati.

Pacquiao’s Day

Today is Sunday and Pacquiao will be in MGM Grand at 9am Eastern to face Timothy Bradley. I bet everyone who would tune in and watch would turn into a “boxing expert”. I just hate it when they start talking about boxing like they have been doing it for years.

Can’t we just watch the freaking match? (Photo courtesy of Yahoo! Sports)


Timothy Bradley takes this match, ending the historic win streak of Manny P. It does not come as a surprise for me, since MP was not at his best since the last Marquez fight.

No bias, I watched the fight, and believed that Manny won, even if he was not in his old form. Bob Arum, felt that too, and openly criticized the judges.

A rematch would soon be made, and I’m pretty sure that it would be the same great match that we have just witnessed.