Warning: Douchebag

A Douchebag, for those not in the know, is defined by Dictionary.com as “a contemptible or despicable person”.

If you would Google the term, most of the images that would come up are musclebound guys in several poses. I have seen pictures of them online, and I was thinking it was just an exaggeration. Here is one sample:

Now, I was not sure why such a stereotype exists, until I personally had a few unfortunate experience. Just recently,a friend sent me a screenshot from his/her facebook (I don’t want to give away his/her identity), with a prime example of douchebaggery (the act of being a douchebag).

The Facebook Screenshot

Here is the loose translation, since it is in our vernacular (Filipino):

Comment 1: “The result of a growing business” — or something to that effect…

Comment 2: ” Thanks!” — from the account owner

Comment 3: ” Use it on Friday!”

Comment 4: “Yeah! We should have a shoe rehearsal!” — from the account owner

Comment 5: “You keep on working out but you don’t look at the fat content of the food you eat, plus you consume a lot of carbs. Goodluck with that!”  

Now, obviously Comment # 5 is from the douchebag. I don’t think he has ever heard of “constructive criticism“. This is one of the reasons why I don’t really use facebook (or other similar websites) a lot. Social Networks magically turn people into “Higher Beings” equipped with the right to bash people over the web and act like complete tools. 

My mother used to always tell me to shut up if I don’t have anything to say nice to a person. But she also told me to always deliver a bad news, if needed, in a diplomatic way, using credibility and skilled discourse. LMAO is surely not a smart choice.   


No offense meant to bodybuilders, but douchebags are portrayed as muscle-headed morons maybe because of experiences like this. I had a lot too. When I was new in the gym circuit, there was one competitive bodybuilder who walked in the gym. And he did nothing but mock everyone. I committed the mistake of asking him about the proper form, supplements, etc. All I got was mockery. I learned my lesson that day. Pumping iron may pump air into my head too, so I am being careful. 


His last comment, stfub, stands for shut the f*** up, b****h. It just confirms his douchebag level. Any intellectual discourse would be lost with this guy for sure. I told my friend not to comment anymore, to avoid a flame war.  Ah, the wonders of facebook.  

** I did not black-out his name, since he is a douchebag.


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