Sports Fest 2012 Day 2

0-2 for one day. Terrible.

We had 2 games for one day, and we lost both. I played scarcely. The opponents were too tall. I was out of shape. I did not have contacts nor basketball frames. I was playing by feel, with almost no eyes.

Excuses can be given but it was supposed to be a team game. And we all failed.

My first game after a few years turned out to be frustrating. I don’t even want to play in the next few games anymore.

I feel terrible. I was not able to help the team, I can’t even see the ring. I sprinted once for defense, got a steal, passed it to a teammate, and then ran out of breath. The adrenalin gave up on me.

Damn, I am out of basketball shape.

I sat on the bench, contemplating the next steps. Maybe I should just give up basketball completely.

It has been 12 years (more or less) of chasing the elusive championship, and I have not even come close to one. Not anywhere close.

I don’t know why I have this fascination with the said sport. It is a sport supposedly made for taller players. Why do I keep going back to it?

I feel like Earl Boykins most of the time

I looked at my teammates, then at the opposing team. Everyone was taller than me. I was not as fast nor as explosive as I was 6 years ago. The time off from the game only made matters worse.

I am light years away from my previous shape. My skills are no longer at par with the competition.

I guess it is time to hang up my high tops.

my suits and hoops don't match

2 thoughts on “Sports Fest 2012 Day 2

  1. If it makes you happy, keep at it. If it doesn’t, maybe it’s time to find some other activity to do in your free time.

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