Sports Fest 2012

I joined our company’s Sports Fest for this year, but to be honest, I am regretting it a bit. I am just tired mentally because of my training classes back to back to back (with another one next week). I can’t even write a (more) decent post than this.

The last few weeks was pure torture. Not because of the work, but just because I have to flip the switch three times. I am handling four lines of businesses, and I had classes for each one, each week. I never had the time to review the updated processes and procedures properly. I had to make do with the time I have, and had. The work is easy; I love it, there is no problem. Only that I was hoping that I would get even a day’s rest for my brain. I have rest days too, during the weekends, but I used it to review my next modules, instead of just purely resting.

Add the fact that I now have game/s on Sundays for the Sports Fest, I think I would go down with fatigue any time soon.

For those who would tell me to just quit: We don’t have any other players, so if I quit, the whole basketball team would be disqualified. Speaking of which, I ordered basketball goggles to help my failing eyesight, and it’s not yet available. The problem is my doctor had to have it custom made since no one usually orders goggles for basketball. No one wants to look “un-cool” in the court. I am now wondering if I would even be able to help the team.

Maybe I should just do a Rodman and play like this (the smaller version, anyway) (may contain NSFW materials; props to the YouTube uploader):


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