March to April

The page on my notebook are filled with notes from my class. But I still can’t put my other ideas to writing. I usually get it from the news that I watch, the bus ride to and from work, and sometimes it just pops up. Now, after switching from the usual night shift, to a seven day morning shift, back to the night shift and again to the morning shift, I guess I am mentally tired. Not even a 12 hour sleep relieved it.

Let me make things a little bit clearer: I am not complaining. I have a job, and I love it with all my life, and that is much, much better than what other people can say. I have just experienced fatigue that I have not experienced before. Mentally, which is worse than the physical kind.

I train people for a living. I never thought I would be in this situation, but I am happy and content where I am now. But the shift changes has taken its toll and it is affecting my other life. I am also hoping that it would not affect my work, too. Thankfully, I would have a two week constant morning shift.

Since my brain is not functioning that well, I’ll just have a quick, bulleted post.

  • I am a bit sad and frustrated, since my sister is leaving our company. It’s sad, because the management on their part of the business is not as okay as ours. With that, I am frustrated because I was not able to act on it or do anything about it, because according to one HR friend, it’s going to be conflict of interest in my part.
  • Holy Week – supposed to be for religious and spiritual self-rediscovery. It usually is just another holiday for most of the people. Why am I not surprised?
  • I played basketball for the first time in years, and my body was surprised. My first game was great though, but I can’t say the same for my second game. After that, I tried out for the company’s SportsFest, and I was able to get the spot. I am just not sure if it was the best thing to do. I am now thinking twice. Maybe I am getting the jitters, or maybe I am thinking of “retiring” permanently.
  • I accessed facebook again, just to check for messages, and sure enough, there was one invite for a “get together”. I would decline, of course. I also saw a couple of posts, which turned me off facebook in the first place. Vain, stupid, narcissistic and “everything else” posts. “Going to the gym”,    “Going to sleep — at My Bedroom”. I don’t think you’d need to broadcast everything that you do. This is where facebook failed, I believe.


I guess those are the only things that I can write about. I still don’t have all connections working, and juices are not yet flowing. Maybe next post would be a little better.


One thought on “March to April

  1. Mental fatigue is definitely worse than physical one. I hope the long weekend Holy Week vacation has somehow relieved you of mental stress.

    Take care and relax.


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