“Earth” Run

I would just like to share a picture by a Filipino director who joined the recent National Geographic Earth Day Run, held last April 22.

photo courtesy of Francis Xavier Pasion

If this run was “for Mother Earth”, I would hate to see a fun run against it.

To be honest, most people I know who joined this fun run does not even know what the event was all about. It is just another chance for them to join the “in” crowd. And since fun runs are the “in” thing, they hopped on the bandwagon.

The event organizers failed miserably on this one. They should have thought about telling people who joined to bring their own reusable tumblers. Or is that “too heavy” for runners? If these paper cups were already a pain to carry all throughout the run, then I guess a tumbler full of water would be, too. The “runners” failed miserably too, maybe even more.

I am not an activist, but I do care about the environment. I have my own faults too, I admit. But if a huge event like this could be planned properly, then everything would be fine and dandy. Let’s not forget the name this event carries: National Geographic. If there’s any company that can be environmentally aware, Nat Geo is it.

But ironically, everything about the run failed, basing on this photo.

The aim was to save the environment. The result was the opposite.

“Those are paper cups that can degrade, and can be recycled”. The supporters would say. But let me ask you this: isn’t it more environmentally friendly to just forget about paper cups? Recycling them uses up energy too! Remember Earth Hour? Or is that just another fad? And don’t forget where papers are made from.

My friends like to join bandwagons. A lot of them joined this too. I asked them why they run. The majority of the answers were divided into the singlet, and to take pictures. Seriously. After the run, if you were wondering where they went, they went to McDonald’s.

How cool is that?

I have never joined a fun run before, so I don’t have the answer to my question. I don’t think I ever will, too. It’s overpriced and overhyped. I’ll just do my usual jog in the A.M., and then do my part to save the environment.

Sports Fest 2012 Day 2

0-2 for one day. Terrible.

We had 2 games for one day, and we lost both. I played scarcely. The opponents were too tall. I was out of shape. I did not have contacts nor basketball frames. I was playing by feel, with almost no eyes.

Excuses can be given but it was supposed to be a team game. And we all failed.

My first game after a few years turned out to be frustrating. I don’t even want to play in the next few games anymore.

I feel terrible. I was not able to help the team, I can’t even see the ring. I sprinted once for defense, got a steal, passed it to a teammate, and then ran out of breath. The adrenalin gave up on me.

Damn, I am out of basketball shape.

I sat on the bench, contemplating the next steps. Maybe I should just give up basketball completely.

It has been 12 years (more or less) of chasing the elusive championship, and I have not even come close to one. Not anywhere close.

I don’t know why I have this fascination with the said sport. It is a sport supposedly made for taller players. Why do I keep going back to it?

I feel like Earl Boykins most of the time

I looked at my teammates, then at the opposing team. Everyone was taller than me. I was not as fast nor as explosive as I was 6 years ago. The time off from the game only made matters worse.

I am light years away from my previous shape. My skills are no longer at par with the competition.

I guess it is time to hang up my high tops.

my suits and hoops don't match

Sports Fest 2012

I joined our company’s Sports Fest for this year, but to be honest, I am regretting it a bit. I am just tired mentally because of my training classes back to back to back (with another one next week). I can’t even write a (more) decent post than this.

The last few weeks was pure torture. Not because of the work, but just because I have to flip the switch three times. I am handling four lines of businesses, and I had classes for each one, each week. I never had the time to review the updated processes and procedures properly. I had to make do with the time I have, and had. The work is easy; I love it, there is no problem. Only that I was hoping that I would get even a day’s rest for my brain. I have rest days too, during the weekends, but I used it to review my next modules, instead of just purely resting.

Add the fact that I now have game/s on Sundays for the Sports Fest, I think I would go down with fatigue any time soon.

For those who would tell me to just quit: We don’t have any other players, so if I quit, the whole basketball team would be disqualified. Speaking of which, I ordered basketball goggles to help my failing eyesight, and it’s not yet available. The problem is my doctor had to have it custom made since no one usually orders goggles for basketball. No one wants to look “un-cool” in the court. I am now wondering if I would even be able to help the team.

Maybe I should just do a Rodman and play like this (the smaller version, anyway) (may contain NSFW materials; props to the YouTube uploader):

March to April

The page on my notebook are filled with notes from my class. But I still can’t put my other ideas to writing. I usually get it from the news that I watch, the bus ride to and from work, and sometimes it just pops up. Now, after switching from the usual night shift, to a seven day morning shift, back to the night shift and again to the morning shift, I guess I am mentally tired. Not even a 12 hour sleep relieved it.

Let me make things a little bit clearer: I am not complaining. I have a job, and I love it with all my life, and that is much, much better than what other people can say. I have just experienced fatigue that I have not experienced before. Mentally, which is worse than the physical kind.

I train people for a living. I never thought I would be in this situation, but I am happy and content where I am now. But the shift changes has taken its toll and it is affecting my other life. I am also hoping that it would not affect my work, too. Thankfully, I would have a two week constant morning shift.

Since my brain is not functioning that well, I’ll just have a quick, bulleted post.

  • I am a bit sad and frustrated, since my sister is leaving our company. It’s sad, because the management on their part of the business is not as okay as ours. With that, I am frustrated because I was not able to act on it or do anything about it, because according to one HR friend, it’s going to be conflict of interest in my part.
  • Holy Week – supposed to be for religious and spiritual self-rediscovery. It usually is just another holiday for most of the people. Why am I not surprised?
  • I played basketball for the first time in years, and my body was surprised. My first game was great though, but I can’t say the same for my second game. After that, I tried out for the company’s SportsFest, and I was able to get the spot. I am just not sure if it was the best thing to do. I am now thinking twice. Maybe I am getting the jitters, or maybe I am thinking of “retiring” permanently.
  • I accessed facebook again, just to check for messages, and sure enough, there was one invite for a “get together”. I would decline, of course. I also saw a couple of posts, which turned me off facebook in the first place. Vain, stupid, narcissistic and “everything else” posts. “Going to the gym”,    “Going to sleep — at My Bedroom”. I don’t think you’d need to broadcast everything that you do. This is where facebook failed, I believe.


I guess those are the only things that I can write about. I still don’t have all connections working, and juices are not yet flowing. Maybe next post would be a little better.