Watch List: The Devil Inside

This movie was as intriguing as its title, but…….it messed up at the end.

The Devil Inside is a mockumentary about exorcism and the religious involvement, or the lack thereof, with exorcists and the possessed.

The trailer:

SPOILER: If you have not watched the movie yet, be prepared to be disappointed, or be scratching your head with the ending, which is really not an ending.  It is an abrupt stop to the movie, although if you’d look at it as a “based on a true story” point of view, it would make a bit of sense. Just a bit.

The story revolves around Isabella Rossi’s quest to find her mom, and find out what really happened to her. Last thing she remembered about her mom was a news headline. Her mom, being exorcised, killed the 3 people trying to help her.

Fernanda Andrade as Isabella; Suzan Crowley as the Scary Ass Mom

This leads her to Rome, where her mom was sent to an asylum, and meeting 2 priests, David and Ben.

Evan Halmuth as David
Simon Quarterman as Ben

Crazy things start to happen and people get either thrown off or get killed, or this:


   Listen to the bones while watching this movie…..

But don’t say I did not warn you about the ending.


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