Making Faces at the Mall

SM Mall of Asia is one huge place. Walking around it looking for the items that we needed to buy was an exercise in itself. Luckily, the mall has it’s benches so the tired shoppers (like Marla and I) has somewhere to rest, weary feet and all.

It's almost always packed like this


   The place is huge. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t go there in the first place. My legs would get tired first, way before I find the store or the item that I am looking for.

  Last week, we had a plan so the walk was a bit lesser. Go bowling and then watch a movie. Bowling was fun, although it was just one game. The movie was an eye-opener (see next post).

  But the best part? Meeting this little tyke:


   That’s Christine, with her mom, Christy. The kid was making faces all the time! We were laughing with her mom, since the kid knew everyone was watching her, so she did what she had to do. A couple more years and I bet I will see her on TV.


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