Watch List: The Vow

Here is another case of “see the movie for yourself” thing…..

I have heard of this movie from co-workers, and also read the reviews online, and people and critics were not impressed with the movie.  The trailer:

Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum are the leads in this movie. Marla and I watched this as a Valentine’s Day Movie, although we watched it on the 18th (yes, I know… I am only posting it now…) It was not a movie that I wanted to see at first, not because it was a romance movie, I am perfectly fine with romance films. I am a guy who watches chick flicks all the time, as long as it is a good movie. I was hesitant because of the negative feedback.

My co-workers said, they only watched the movie because Channing was in it. They were a bit disappointed with the movie though, and was expecting more from it.

Mr. Tatum

IMDB, the site I normally go to for movie ratings, only gave it 6.5 stars (out of a possible 10). Rotten Tomatoes had an average of 4.9 out of 10 for the movie, although 66% of the reviewers liked it.  A description going like this, would leave you doubtful too:

The Tomato Rating

  Once inside the movie house, Wrath of the Titans’ trailer greeted me, and I forgot the reviews, and waited for the film to start. I was not disappointed at all, and liked the movie very much. Paige’s (McAdams) memory loss was very scary, especially when you think of the “what if” scenario: What if it happens to us??

  I am a bit distracted with Channing though. Whenever I see him, I always expect him to break out in a dance number anytime. Maybe the Step Up movies made him a bit stereotyped.

  The opening sequence was very memorable, with Paige going through the windshield. Her parents in the movie also convinced me that they were against Leo (Tatum).

Ms. McAdams

Rachel McAdams’ portrayal of the real life Paige was okay too. I guess I am biased, since I wanted another actress for the role. I just forgot her name, and I only realized it after seeing a couple of scenes of Leo and Paige.

Oh, and this was based on a true story too! I was not aware, until I saw the acknowledgement at the end of the movie. The real Paige  (SPOILER ALERT) was not able to regain her memory, but they still ended up together, which is a good thing.

My favorite bit in the movie? When Leo was feeling a bit out of place in the rich crowd of Paige’s family and friends. I can relate a bit, since I felt out of place all the time  when I was still in high school and college, with a lot of spoiled students.

I saved the tickets too:

from Market! Market!

2 thoughts on “Watch List: The Vow

  1. My favorite part would be Paige confronting her mom while the latter was gardening (or something). Paige has learned about her dad’s affair with her friend and asked her mom how she was able to put up with such circumstance when she could have just left him. I heard her mom say these lines “I chose to forgive him because of the many GOOD things he has done. And chose not to leave him for just ONE mistake…”

    And I just lost it. 😀

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