The J-Lin Fever

My LA Lakers is not doing good, so my attention has been deferred to another. Jeremy Lin of the New York Knickerbockers has been on a tear lately. What’s more surprising is he was not even supposed to be playing for NY. He was supposed to be released from the team, but he was given an opportunity to play, and he delivered, way above the expectations. I also know that this also became a bigger hype because he’s Asian, so the Asian community all over the world started to tune in, including me. NBA is an American’s sport, and European players are now becoming as dominant or as good as their US counterparts. Asian basketball, admittedly, is not on the same level as the 2 mentioned countries, and Yao Ming was the only representative of All Star caliber, so it is a breath of fresh air (or relief) that J-Lin has stepped up.

He has been scoring more than 20+ points since he started for the Knicks, an to cap off his meteorical rise, he hit a game winner on Toronto’s home turf. Here’s the YouTube video:

It’s like the exclamation point to signal that he would be able to continue what he is currently doing, and that he is not a one-hit wonder.

Looking back at the video, it’s odd that the home town crowd of Toronto was cheering for Lin of the opposing team. I played competitive basketball too, and it would suck big time if the crowd at our place would be supporting the other team.


6 thoughts on “The J-Lin Fever

  1. I’m just amazed how circumstances fall into its right place. Last January, Knicks released him and he spent some days in the D-League. Billups was traded, Bibby isn’t delivering much, and B. Davis is injured… so D’Antoni gambled in choosing him for the PG spot. Lin’s 38 pts versus Kobe’s 34 pts… Game winning shot against Toronto… 7 games winning streak… And after 8 games, he’s now the team captain. Just proves how undrafted talents can really play like what Ben Wallace did.

    Thinking about it, if NY didn’t get him, he might not get all this hype. Obviously, he has the talent… He just needs to prove it in the next games or seasons… But he still needs to limit his turnovers.

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