Pet Peeves in the Office 1

 Part of my rant week:

I just hate it when my co-workers start to “talk rich”. All they ever talk about are their car/s, their vacations, golf, and how they just have an overall better life. Crap, it makes me think about my “regular” life. They do not even talk to me directly about it, mind you, they just talk to each other with their regular tone of voice, which usually means that you’d be able to hear what they’re talking about even if you were 2 rooms away. This is normally accompanied by cuss words with a bit of accent, and high pitched laughs. They’re ladies, if you care to ask, and no offense meant.

Another thing I hate is when people at the office give tips on how to stay healthy, then they cite their sources, which turns out to be Facebook. Plus the people that would give health “advice” does not look so healthy either. Sometimes they ask for my opinion, just because I work out and have a health care background (3 years of nursing, which does not make me an expert). I politely decline and just tell them that I am not sure. I don’t want to be responsible for any wrong information resulting to their weight staying the same, or increased weight.


Don’t you just hate it when you’re rushing to the elevator and someone presses the ‘close’ button? How about when you are halfway in the elevator and someone still presses the ‘close’ button and almost have your nose or head trapped between the doors?

I try to prevent this from happening to others, just to get my karma straightened out, but some people would still press and hold the close button.  Unfortunately, most of the time I would always look like I was the one closing the doors, too. Then the person who is actually closing the doors would look at me with the “What the hell are you thinking?” face. I would love to smash him/her.

Working is a lot of fun, but pet peeves are pet peeves. Although sometimes I am thinking that it’s just me.


5 thoughts on “Pet Peeves in the Office 1

  1. My sister says it’s like that in the Philippines. There’s something like a social gap, and those that belong to the higher hierarchy even let others know where they belong. It’s a little different here in the US, I think. basically, People can afford to buy stuff that only Filipinos with money can afford, like cars. Over here, they are a necessity. We have 7 at the moment, meanwhile, we’re crying over the amount of insurance we pay, but each one of us needs a vehicle, and 2 more for emergencies.

    • It just does not seem fair at times, but reality bites. I’m still really fortunate, it’s just that when all you hear is their kind of talk, you kinda get annoyed and at some point, that annoyance would just make me explode. So I take measures to get away from it all.

  2. “which turns out to be Facebook”
    Made me laugh! :))

    Yeah, I’ve noticed that unhealthy people seem to have the most “health advice”! I tried asking once if they’ve tried it… I think I might have offended them.

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