The Gym People

I have been working out more consistently lately, having been able to find the motivation and the right schedule. And with that, I also brushed up on my Googling about gym related stuff, and came across a few funny articles about people in the gym. After reading it, I suddenly became more aware of people I see while working out. Going to the gym had another meaning all of a sudden. Instead of just working out, it became a new observational post.

Reps – repetitions; a movement within an exercise

Bike –  Stationary Bike

Trainer – person qualified to give you pointers or show you how exercises are done, and which muscles are targeted. Also known as the Gym Staff.


1. The Overly Sweaty Guy – I usually see this guy (he is kinda old) every Sunday morning. He does a lot of reps with light weights. I am thinking that he needs to lose fat. With the way he is dripping sweat, I am pretty sure he lost more than enough of his body’s water content already.

I got to the gym around 8 am. He was the first one in. I went on the bike, not knowing that he used it first. I almost slipped off the equipment because his sweat was all over the seat and the pedals. Looking down, I saw a pool of it on the floor too.

2. Mr. Competitive (aka The Half Reppers) – I have seen some people that fall under this category. He starts off with a weight appropriate for him, then notices the guy who alternates with him uses more, so he amps his routine up and ends up in a pissing contest. He also loves to race, seeing everyone else use the stationary bike, he also went ahead and used it. He went pedaling like he was running from the cops.


Sometimes, I just want to walk up to him and advise him to decrease the weight, since he already had a few near misses, and it can cause his early demise, but since he is older than me, I just shrug it off. But I still keep my eye on him, just in case he would need emergency medical attention.


3. Meathead Douchebag/s – My twin brother and I call one particular person in our gym “Dan Brown” because he tells so much unbelievable stories to everyone who has ears. Like one time, at band camp, how he lifted the bus because their tire broke, and what was worse, he used his left arm because his right was busy stopping a volcanic eruption. All of this while he was sick with chicken pox.

He also goes to the gym even if he is not working out. Just to watch television, and tell more stories of his adventures. Oh, and maybe hit a few reps  and tell everyone within earshot that he is not feeling it so he’s just going to sit down and tell you more about himself.


4. The Know It All Who Really Does Not Know Anything – Most of the time, # 3 would also be # 4. If no one would be listening to their stories, then they morph into the unofficial gym Personal Trainer that criticizes every single move you make. Every. Single. Move. They usually end up doing the same “mistakes” anyway, but it does not stop them from waving their non-existent Trainer certificate around.

5.  Megaphone Guys – Grunts and groans all around, even if they are using minimal weight. They usually end their set with an exclamation of what their newborn baby is. It’s a boy!!!

6. Machine Hoggers – Every time I see these people on my gym day, my frustration level goes off the charts, since they like to park on the machines and let no one alternate with them since they apparently rented it for the day. My schedule usually takes the turn for the worse because of the length of time that they use the machine/s.

7. Ab-Flasher – these are the people who don’t have anything to do but wipe their faces with the bottom of their shirts, flashing their abs in the process, most of them non existent. A “One Pack” pretty sure does not count.


8. The REAL DEAL – they are the biggest guys in the gym, they use a lot of weight and still get the proper form. They look like this:

They are not as huge or aesthetic as Ahh-Nold, but you get the idea.

10. The Blogger/s who are Taking Down Notes for Their Next Blog – uh…

That’s a lot of pictures.


3 thoughts on “The Gym People

  1. We have 4 gizmos in the garage… the bike, treadmill, Bowflex, and that other one which I have never used. In fact, I ;ve only used the treadmill. I’m a girl. I don’t like muscles on me. Hahaha.

    Cheers !

  2. Good blog you got here man, enjoying read! Came across it as I was searching for basketball related posts and read your Jeremy Lin post. Man he is killing it at the mo. Anyway like this post especially the end, made me chuckle 🙂

    If you got time i’d appreciate it if you had a look at my blog and maybe told me some of your thoughts.

    Cheers Ell

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