It’s More Fun in The Philippines

Just recently, our very own Department of Tourism came up with a slogan “It’s More Fun in The Philippines”. I think it was around the second week of January that I have heard of it, although I found that it was originally created before December (after a bit of researching). The website itself (It’s More Fun..) was created around December 29, 2011. Now, it has gathered so much attention that it has become an internet meme.

Originally, I was feeling it.  I really thought it was cool, until several things started to remove the awe and the mystique of it. One is because apparently, it was not an original concept, but a spin off of a very old Swiss tourism slogan, shown below:

This was used by the Swiss National Tourist Office around 1951 (!).

I got tired of reading comments about the similarity or even the copying of the said slogan. The Department officials and supporters were defending themselves, while the always smarter and better critics are flooding them with objections. If it was copied, why don’t they just admit it was, and if it was not, why wouldn’t the geniuses give it a rest? It is a great slogan, and a great way to promote tourism in the Philippines.  Last year,  the DOT already pulled out a campaign because apparently that was also copied from a Polish tourism campaign. With all the “critics”, someone should be able to come up with a new God-damned catch phrase at least. I guess not, since “critics” are there to just criticize.

It also has gone viral, too viral, that it already seems to be overused. Too many pictures, too many captions. X, more fun in the Philippines, where X would be anything that you can think of. Too much of a good thing. I grew tired of the slogan after seeing hundreds of pictures. Some of them are meant to be funny, but I saw a lot of uploaders in the official Facebook page who did not get the concept.

Of course, most of the Filipinos would agree that it is more fun in the Philippines. I hope that the government takes heed and improve tourism related structures, like airports, perhaps. We wouldn’t want tourist who came to see proof to be turned off with our airports, right? You know, the first thing that they would see once they get off the plane? Yes, that thing.


2 thoughts on “It’s More Fun in The Philippines

  1. Do you know what the first thing that travellers see as soon as they leave the airport ? Poverty….The scenery that we see immediately is not very nice, compared to other countries ‘. The Tourism people should improve that.

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