I Wish I Did..

High School,  Senior Year, Talent’s Day.  

I have always worked behind the scenes, especially when I was voted as the President of the Art Club. We were the team that decorates, and beautified the school for its activities, minor or major. One program I’m really fond of until now is Talent’s Day. I get to sit backstage and watch the performers prepare for their number. I got to talk to them before they go on stage, and sometimes this is the only chance I ever talked to them. I got to see the first timers, and diffused their stage fright in the process.

I had my taste of the stage experience, as I was able to perform one particular Talent’s Day while I was a Sophomore. I was forced to join the class’ dance routine. It was a good one. Not great, but still good though.  Until now, I am still wondering what could have happened if I performed a number that I was really into, something I was really interested in, or something that I have always wanted to do.

Days before the program, I got the list of performers. I had to make sure that the stage, the props and everything else would be neutral, so as to complement all of the performers. I saw the program, and most of it are song and dance, song or dance numbers. (When you say “talent”, Filipinos would automatically think of the three, nothing else). This is when a thought came to me. Since we were trying to make our Senior year memorable, why not do a surprise performance?

I told my twin brother about the idea, and of course, we were both excited and hesitant. No one has ever done “it” before (in our school anyway). Plus, the English Supervisor and the Principal needed to pre-approve all performances, to filter out obscenities and anything taboo. Like that would help. I was pretty sure that “ours” had no way of getting approved, pre or post Talent’s Day.  But we still wanted to just insert it in the list.

After a couple more days, we were still not sure if we were going to push through with the plan. We were practicing a bit while finishing the stage design. We had free access to the school auditorium, so it would have been an advantage. We were getting more anxious every hour. We did not really think it would be successful. We thought that the teachers would be mad at us if we did what we were planning.

What is “it” exactly? We wanted to do this:

We were thinking of changing some of the pronouns and/or nouns a bit, to take a stab at the school’s authority figures.  The desire, and the need, to graduate was greater, so we ended up not doing it.


8 thoughts on “I Wish I Did..

  1. I know how it feels when you wonder whether you should have taken the opportunity… There are regrets but well maybe in the end your rector wouldn’t have been pleased or something like that. Anyway, great post!

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