Walking the Streets of Ayala

I usually walk quite a long distance from the office to the bus stop on my way home ever since we moved. It’s no surprise that my beloved office shoes suffered more wear and tear. As a result, I started wearing slippers after shift, just to ease usage of my shoes. It costs a lot these days, so it also saves me money, too.

Some people find it weird that they see a guy who wears office attire with slippers in an elevator, even if the person is on his/her way to the ground floor exit. I guess it does not occur to them that the person (in this case, me) is going home. One instance, a couple was talking quite loudly, taking notice of my foot wear. They were saying something like I may not be aware of the office dress code, blah blah blah. Much to their chagrin when my trainees came in the elevator and called me “boss”. They suddenly turned quiet, so I smiled at them and told them that I was in fact familiar with the dress code, and that I was going home anyways.  I went back to my trainees and sort of reminded them not to call me “boss”. It makes me feel like an evil mob leader, and old too.

I usually don’t like parading around acting like I own the place, and it reflects outside the office. I don’t want to stand out of a crowd so I wear the “regular” clothes. Polo shirts, and slacks. If there are instances where I have to wear long sleeved shirts and/or coat and tie, I remove them before going out of the office. I don’t want to walk under the sun with those things on.

I went home by myself earlier, since Marla did not have a shift. It was around 7 am, and as usual, I look weird going in the opposite direction. People are just going to work, while I am going home. I find myself literally dancing around crowds of people on the way to start their day, all fresh and hurrying, while I was strolling.

I like to look at the tall buildings on the way home. I still could not believe I am working in the Central Business District. I look like a child ogling the architecture, but it works most of the time. People would stay away from me since they don’t want to entertain possible questions for directions because they might be late.

The buildings I pass:

Of course, the Glorietta and Rustan’s malls. The “Big G”, as we call it, houses several luxury items and boutiques, is where my office is located. Just beside it is Rustan’s, another big name in the retail industry.


Next is the Makati Stock Exchange building. I am familiar with this because it has a basketball court near the basement where I usually play. Usually meaning once a year, only if my schedule permits. This is where I used to wait for the buses, but it takes too long, so I moved to the next stop.


Some “towers” that I regularly pass by:

The PBCOM (Philippine Bank of Communications)  tower. This is the tallest building in the Philippines, although for most of you I am sure this is just a regular building in your place. It is a 52 storey commercial building  where we used to lease space.

Next is the HSBC Tower, also known as the Enterprise Tower.

The best looking building I have ever seen.

I can’t forget the Ninoy Aquino Statue in front of Insular Life Building.

I have to look straight up to admire the beauty of the tall facades. I get dizzy just by thinking of how it feels to jump off them. Not suicidal though, just parachuting off them.


2 thoughts on “Walking the Streets of Ayala

  1. they could care less about what you wear, your shift is off! it’s just sad that sometimes, people get too close minded to try to judge other people. but the thing is, at least, you’re comfortable… and happy too! 😀

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