Stuff That Happened Last Week

**  I went to a Globe Center (one of our local wireless providers) to check out if they would have postpaid plans that would match my monthly expenses on their prepaid platform. I spent almost Php331.25  (roughly $7.70) per month for my phone, and all of it is because of text messaging packages.  I was able to chat with their one of their web representatives the week before, so I kind of have an idea on which plan I would choose. I still wanted to verify the plans available, so I decided to personally go to one of their centers (at Market! Market! in Taguig, with Marla in tow).

Unfortunately, when we got there, a huge throng of people were already present. We observed first, looked at the phones available, and looked at the plans that they offer. We saw a tablet that offered a Plan Builder option, but that only raised a few more questions. We decided to get a number, only to find out that the personnel were not too helpful. Maybe they were undermanned, or maybe they had other good reasons.

Waiting for more that 20 minutes, we decided to go, since we did not want to waste our time waiting. We’d have to go back next time, maybe in another center.

We Shall Meet Again!

Yes, I keep track of my phone expenses, as well as other expenses. I keep a note in my phone complete with the date, the amount spent, and the item purchased. I’m very budget conscious. Parsimonious, even. For my phone expenses, I see to it that I would take note of my text messaging packages, and the number of text messages sent, to be sure that I am subscribing to the right package. I use an excel file to save all of my expenses daily. If interested, I can send you the sample file. 😀

** Please check my friend’s blog who happened to visit one museum the past week, here

** My co-trainers have a hatred of coins. Cuprolaminaphobia, according to the web. They don’t like having coins in their wallet, bags, or pockets (most especially). Most of the time, they would just leave it on their stations, ask others (including me) to change it with paper bills. or just give it to me, since I need coins (I need it for the bus fare).  I think this is okay, only because they give it to me, and I save a bit for the fare. But sometimes it actually seems snottish to be irritated by coins. I think that they are just too rich to even bother with coins.


** Speaking of which, one of my pet peeves in the office is when my co-trainers start to talk like “rich people”.  I don’t tell them this, but it gets irritating if they start talking about the stuff that they bought, stuff that they did, etc. It’s okay if it is just the normal conversation, but when it turns out to be a pissing contest, then I’m out. One of them is my boss, so I can’t do anything about it. We were talking about work, then she started to talk about the laptop that she bought for this certain amount (I intentionally forgot), and blah-ed on about other expensive stuff that she bought.  Just last week, they were talking about going to a vacation spot because of a Piso Fare.


I am not sure what this is, but I think that this means that they would pay only 1 peso for a plane seat reservation or something. They asked me if I wanted to join, and of course I declined, having other priorities (brother’s tuition, rent, etc). Their reaction made me feel like I made the worse decision of my life.

Again, I don’t know much about the Piso Fare promo, but all I know is that it excites people too much that they end up spending for a trip that they don’t really plan on getting into. The Piso is only for the reservation or something, but they would still spend on taxes and other things related to the travel.




4 thoughts on “Stuff That Happened Last Week

  1. Oh. I happen to like coins in my purse. I need a lot of coins for buying stuff, esp. quarter coins ( 25 cents ). Koopa, I think the reason for that is that maybe Philippine coins have lost much of their value ? 5o cents can buy me some mexican burrito at Jack in the box, 45 c for a can of soda. I have a purse for coins. Coins are very important here in the US.

    Cheers !

  2. Sis got us an 11-peso worth of airline seat (bound for SG), but of course that’s exclusive of other taxes and other whatnots. I didn’t mind paying 2k+ for everything. Been wanting to go there so thank God for that promo.

    I didn’t make it to the museum during my break but I read your friend’s blog and now I regret not going.

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