Six Flags: After Katrina

Some creepy pictures of Six Flags in Louisiana ; abandoned since Hurricane Katrina (2005). The images show a glimpse of a possible apocalyptic environment, if humans ever cease to exist.  Check ’em out here.

I don’t really have an eye for photography, and I don’t know anything about the jargons that they use, but the negative comments from the site was for the saturation. A quick Google search led me to this explanation:

The term saturation comes into play when measuring the amount of color being reflected“.

Personally,  I think the pictures are great, but to some experts, I guess this is still amateurish for them.

It is a very depressing view to what natural forces can do, and a reminder of what it actually does. Makes you remember that humans are still not the most powerful beings on Earth, even though we would like to think it.

There are no more lines of people waiting for their chance to ride the coasters, ferris wheel or even balloons nor clowns. Just empty machines, and graffiti.

Credits goes to the actual photographers who risked arrest to get the stunning pictures.


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