The Museum Interest

I always pass by the Yuchengco Museum when I go home. I see the really big and intricately detailed group of statues (shown below) and since then, I have always told myself that I should go and check out the place one time. Unfortunately, after 3 years of working in Makati (where the museum is located), I still have not been able to follow through.

I thought that it would be expensive to go here. I was also thinking of asking a few of my co-workers to go, but it seems that they’re only interested in places where they serve alcoholic beverages. Some of them even dismissed the idea as a “child’s field trip” and that “grown ups do not go in museums” kind of thing. Filipinos in general do not really care about history, let alone museums. There would be a few who does, but it’s only a handful. I grew tired of the current “art” I see in TV, movie, print media, and radio, so I figured why not take in a museum environment?

I googled the museum and found out that the entrance fee was very affordable. Based on their website (, it was just Php100, roughly $2 and some cents. This gave me the added motivation to visit. January 23 was rumored to be a holiday, and if it is, then I would be going.

I tried looking for more museums in Makati, and found out that there were 4 total. One of them is this museum I am already talking about. The other 3 are: the Ayala Museum,  Museo ng Makati  and the Philippine Army Museum (which does not have a website, or so I think).

I remember my last museum visit was in Museong Pambata (Kids’ Museum), and I was still a preschooler. I feel like I should be visiting these places more frequently, especially now that it is just within the vicinity of my work place. Might as well get re-acquainted with history, if I would want to make history.

(from the Ayala Museum Website)

9 thoughts on “The Museum Interest

  1. Weee museums, my first love 🙂
    I didn’t know Yuchengco Musuem fee is only Php100, will plan my trip there soonest. Glad I chanced reading this.

    • I am not sure about the other museums but according to the Yuchengco Museum’s website: ” Photography & Sketching
      Photography for personal use is allowed inside the museum. Flash photography and photographing individual artworks, however, is not permitted. ”

      plus: ” Using mobile phones to take pictures or videos inside the museum is strictly prohibited”

  2. “Filipinos in general do not really care about history, let alone museums.” – So true. Wow, you just gave me another idea on how to spend my long weekend.

  3. I happen to like museums. When I was there, we went to Fort Santiago. But I didn’t enjoy it much because I got dizzy with the intense heat inside the museum. But I managed to check out a few artifacts there, like the suit of Rizal. I was surprised because it was kind of small? He must be less than 5 feet. The pair of pants was so short. Well, of course that was kinda trivial, hahaha.

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