Lumayo Ka nga sa Akin

**The title means “Get Away from Me”, loosely translated.

I admit that I have not been a fan of a lot of new books by local authors, be it in English or in the vernacular. Most of the published books that I see in the stores are either all about silliness, sex or macho stories. The market is not at all appealing, but one of the few authors that I look forward to reading is Bob Ong.

He blew up with his little green book, and now he is back with a pink hue. This book (see title above), is a parody of the Filipino mentality with a serious jab to the local movie industry.

The cover itself is already a parody of what we usually see in book covers or movie posters. The color pink, to be honest, is a mystery to me. I do not know if this is just to make it unique or if this has to be interpreted at all. Maybe Bob just liked pink for his new book.

Normally, we don’t like being judged or criticized by other people (especially our own), so I was not sure how the general public would accept the content of the book. But it turns out, as usual, that all it takes is one generally accepted person to give a candid view of the already deplorable society before we “open our eyes” and admit that there are flaws in our own country and values. After that, we continue with our daily lives, forgetting the moral of the story, unless someone asks us if “nabasa mo na ba yung libro ni Bob Ong?” (Have you read Bob Ong’s new book?). 

The story is told in a movie script format (the first book I have read that has this), with 3 separate movies (genres: action, horror and drama). I am not going to give any details of the story out of respect to the author, but there would be enough stereotypes that you would recognize for both the movie and TV buffs.

Humor is always part of BO’s books, but I think this just overshadows the message that he needs to share. Read the book, and see what I mean. Just like his other works, it is safe to laugh but think at the same time (some fans would make BO a God, but it’s just a message that a lot of people are already thinking).  But please don’t expect a great ending with this work.


2 thoughts on “Lumayo Ka nga sa Akin

  1. I wish I could buy one of this author’s. Sounds interesting. So, okay, I have to admit I find the Philippines interesting. BTW, my parents say Filipinos do not graciously accept criticism , especially from non-Filipinos.

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