Blog surfing during the weekends leads to inspiration, I always say. And true enough, having read through Eva626‘s post, I literally had the inspiration to clean the house.

My mom has a hard time letting go of some of our old stuff, so every time we try and do spring cleaning, we always end up just dusting off some items that we don’t use anymore, and then putting them back in the box. Nothing gets discarded, even if it really needs to be.

I tease my mom that she is turning out to be a hoarder, and that soon, our house can turn out like this:

Normally, she would say that there would be no chance that that would happen, since she knows how to control it anyway, but when it’s time to decide whether or not we need to let go of some of the stuff, she almost automatically tells me that “we would still have use for that in the future”.

Fast forward to 2000-something, we encountered the tv show Hoarders, and I told my mom that she may turn out that way if she does not learn  how to sort her stuff out. I think the visual helped since she then decided to agree on some suggestions I made.

One example is our old VCD player. She did not want to let it go, since she said that she paid for it pretty handsomely when it first went out. She kept it in a box and stored it on top of her main cabinet for a couple of years, until she decided that it’s time to just let it go.

I sorted through our old books too, and we decided to give our Archie comics to our relatives who had younger children. My dad called up his relatives and told them that he has some post New Year gifts to the kids, and told us how excited they were. I was thinking that the kids were thinking more of an Xbox rather than a pile of old comic books.

Bye Arch. Thanks for all the memories...

I also found a box full of college papers, receipts and some old pens. I had to try each pen to see if they were still working, and almost every single pen was not. It figures. If the pen collected more dust than a vacuum cleaner, then I think it should be obvious that it would not work.

Speaking of college papers, let me show you one paper that I decided to hold on to, for now (click to view):

    Note: I apologize but it turned out bigger than I thought. I wanted to re-size the smallest possible way, but the contents would be illegible. 

   This is an activity in our Theology class when I was in my first year of college, first semester, way back 2006. Our professor was Mr. Jung Del Barrio (he wanted us to put “Sir” not “Mr.” or “Mister”).

  We had to put our nickname at the top middle portion, I did not have any, so I put in my basketball nickname, and our name in the parentheses. We were then asked to divide the paper into two portions, one named “Negative”, the other half named “Positive”. We were then asked to pass it around the room, and have our classmates (or block mates, as we call them) to write down a perception they have of us, both positive and negative.

  Here is the other half:


   At the back, we had to have everyone write a message or a quote that we want to share to the owner. I just put in Love Letters, just in case. You never know if someone likes you until you ask, right?

   To pretty much sum it up, my positives are I was smart (They did not want to use the words “nerd” or “geek”, so they used “smart” instead :D). I was (and still am) a loner, so that was my negative. The message portion was pretty much a joke, but the “Take care and  good luck, foe” part was a bit surprising.

  We still have not gone through all our boxes and storage shelves, so I am hoping that I’ll find more gems like this.


6 thoughts on “De-Cluttering

  1. hey, do you guys have some organizations that pick up stuff from homes? We have them here in the US . They inform us they will pass by our area on such date and time, and we, who have stuff to give away, put them on the curb to be picked up. But then, my parents are hoarders too, and believe it or not, my father is more of a hoarder than Mom. We have so much stuff that we can’t find anytjing when we need something and we end up buying , so , in the end, we get stucked with, say, a dozen screws and pliers.

    • I am not sure if we do, so we normally just donate it immediately to charity. We either bring it ourselves to the charity’s main office or building, or wait until we have the annual company/school donation drive.

      Thanks for reminding me too. I have to research on that, for the future.

  2. My mom acts the same way. She keeps everything for ‘future use’ but when that future time comes, she has already forgotten where she kept the things that we’d only end up buying again. Every single time. Haha

  3. The picture of clutters reminds me of our house. And since I sleep near the storage area, I’m the one who suffers the most among my siblings.

    About the papers you have, we have a lot of them since I come from a religious congregation. Usually, these are written during homeroom classes in high school and Theology class in college just like what you have. In our case, we do it on a regular basis during our retreat and recollection.

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