Noyz: NBA, iPhones, etc

The NBA is back after the lockout, but I still don’t have the Basketball Channel on our cable. I am still undecided if I would subscribe or not, so what I do is I just read the sports update on the web. What turns me off though is the number of racist comments on most of the sports blogs. For example, derogatory remarks regarding blacks would be prevalent in NBA (National Basketball Association) blogs and NFL (National Football League) blogs, and the NHL section gets racist comments for Canadians and whites. Some commenters even argue, and debate, which is ok, but again the race card is played. The authors of the blog themselves get personally attacked. If the readers do not agree with the article, or even if they agree with the article, these people would still find something (or anything) just to bash the author. Sometimes, they would even seem like they would be able to do a better job than the writer with their comments. This is what these blog hosts or websites need to control. Racism is not dead in anyway, as manifested by comments in almost all sports blogs, and any blogs.

Sorry for non-NBA fans, but I just got to say this. The LA Lakers made a terrible decision even thinking of trading Lamar Odom. Now they ship him to Dallas for virtually nothing. Laker fans like me are now left thinking that we won’t have a championship contender this year. But so far, the current team is not doing too bad. They still look okay on paper though. Oklahoma is still a team to look out for, and Kevin Durant is getting my attention.

One of my co-workers just received his new iPhone 4S. We were all interested with the Siri App. We were asking it questions that normally is used by 2 people in a relationship throw at each other, much like knives. “Why are you bitching Siri?”, “What do you want me to do?” and other questions. Some of the answers were really accurate and human-like (like a real lady). “We’re not talking about me” was the answer I really like. After a couple of questions, we decided to go back to work. The owner giving me a gentle reminder that I can easily get an iPhone too, or even a BlackBerry, if I wanted to. Sounds tempting, but no. I got my priorities straight, but I want to ask Siri a few more questions though. Like, uh never mind. I got nothing.

The week was busier in the office. One training series that I thought was going to be cancelled suddenly pushed through. I’m on my holiday mode, so I have been wishing for sessions to be cancelled. It didn’t come true, but it was ok, since I had to shake off the rust for next year.

I wonder why I am getting a lot of spam comments. I have just received two before posting this. I don’t think I have that many followers to make advertisers, or spam-vertisers interested in my blog. Some of the comments look legit, but when I check the post where it was supposed to be posted on, I realize that it was waaaaay off topic, so permanently delete! I think I have been using that too often nowadays. WordPress and Akismet have been good this year.

I feel like a Holiday post is mandatory, so I would post one next. In the mean time, cheers for everyone and I hope that you all had a great time.


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