Christmas Party #3 and A Lot of Unrelated Stuff

I have been lethargic since the end of November. I don’t know why, but I am thinking that it is because of the Holiday fever.  It has not been a long while since I was still in my school days, and during that time, we usually would get a long Christmas break. I think I still have that expectation. I better get this off my head. It does not help that I still have a brother in college. Usually, when I go out for work at night (around 9pm), I would see him already preparing for bed, since he still has classes the day after. When I get home, I would not see him until late in the afternoon, or before I go out of the house again. Now, I see him sleeping late, and waking up late, which all the more adds to my envy.

I also just received my gift from my Secret Santa (locally known as Monito-Monita for reasons that I don’t know). It is a weightlifting belt. Yes, I usually ask for gifts that I REALLY need. I received it late though, like 3 weeks after we picked out the names. I can’t complain, since I also gave my gift late to the person I picked. Karma, maybe.

I  got a hold of a Query box late last night. It is sort of a game that lets players answer questions from pieces of paper. I don’t find it amusing though, since some of the questions are really childish (I don’t know if it’s the right word). Here’s an example: “You get transported into Cartoon Land and get to pick any Cartoon Identity to have as your own. Which Cartoon Character would you choose?” Do you expect me to answer Wonder Woman?  Maybe it’s just me but I don’t find it interesting.

I browsed through a bookstore last week and found some Shakespeare books, only to find out that they have been “updated” to contain vampires. In fact, majority of the books I see are all about vampires. Everyone is trying to cash in on the Twilight fad. I wonder if it is working.

I attended another Christmas Party (the last one, hopefully) last Thursday, December 22. I was not really planning to attend it, but our department got invited since we train their new hires. The theme was Rock Stars, and as always, I came sans the theme. I am not fond of following party themes because I don’t really like to buy clothes that I would only wear once. And the fact that I’m not creative enough is also a reason. I just came from my shift and only had an hour of sleep, so I was really sleepy (I got sick because of it too, and I’m still sick as I post this). I was having fun surprisingly, but it all turned sour when one of the program managers took the stage and gave her acknowledgement and thanked all of the department that “helped them reach and exceed their goal”. Our department, the Training Department, was not mentioned. That really made my day sour. What I did for revenge was, eat as much as I can. It was a buffet, and I was hoping to eat enough that they would have problems with the food, but all I did was bloat myself, which was okay. At least I did not go home hungry.

Happy Holidays to everyone!


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