Web Surfing and Productivity at Work

I have a confession.

I surf the web a lot at work.

I do, although I have been finishing work hours before my end-of-shift, we are not allowed to surf the ‘net for anything that is not related to our job. But frankly, I would prefer that than to just sleep the few hours of my shift that I have nothing to do. But it is still not allowed, and that’s that. Rules are rules, policies are policies, and I am breaking it. But I have come across an article (the result of my web surfing) that gives justice, or at least a scientific explanation on why I browse the ‘net while at work. (Read the whole article here)

“Browsing the Internet serves an important restorative function,” the authors of the study said. “Breaks of such nature are pleasurable, rejuvenating the Web surfer,” they added.

So apparently, this activity helps restore a person’s brain functions. It’s like turning a tired mind into a disco ball. So that would explain why I finish my work fast. And my boss has nothing bad to say against the quality of my work, plus I have my numbers to back it up. I guess that it really works!

Some would suggest that I finish work in advance, like do the work intended for the day after. I would like to do this, but I usually just receive an email about what to do, and if I finish it, I would have to wait for another email for my next project, which takes about 24 hours. That option is out of the equation.

Just to share, this is what’s keeping me busy when I am not busy at work. These links are for my favorite web comics, which I discovered by accident:

1.    http://luciphurrsimps.com/ – Luci Phur’s Imps by Dale Mettam,Courtney Huddleston, Matt Keltner and Tracy Bailey.

What’s better than having 3 imps do all your bidding? Luci Phurr has inherited (sort of) PainTears and Misfortune (also referred to as Alisdair). This is also the website where I discovered the ComicPress software, where anyone has the chance to create their own comic.

*** Update: Dale Mettam, yes, THE Dale Mettam actually commented on my blog! Does this mean that I would be getting a free, signed book??? (Hey, it’s Christmas! Santa may be listening)



2.    http://www.beanleafpress.com

The story of Bean and the great, rich world of Broken Moon, almost War Craft-World like in its story lines, have me in a (current) loop. Created by Travis Hanson, it also has a printed version, which I am pretty sure is NOT available in Philippine soil (though I am still hoping).

3.    http://cemeterystreet.com/

The tagline should already give you an idea: What happens when the freaks you live and work with are really freaks?

The main characters are Adam Franklin Stein (Frankenstein), Lou Ghune (a Merman, or at least that’s what I think he is), and Booo (a female ghost). They are all living like “normal” us, the only difference is they have more fun than most of us humans do at work.


Yes, 21 years old and I admit that I am still into comics. It’s nice to stay in touch with our inner child once in a while. It gives me the much needed break I need from the day-to-day grind. Plus it cuts the boredom at work too.

Luci Phurr’s Imps and Cemetery Street updates every weekday. Yes, EVERY WEEKDAY. The Bean updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

So I hope the study gives me enough justification on why I browse WordPress at work, and the web comics too.


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