Shoe Talk

I don’t know what introduction I would do with this topic but I like shoes. I really, really like shoes. Most of the people I know would tell me that it’s a girl thing, but I buy a lot of shoes. If I go shopping (which is very rarely), number one on my list is shoes. Even if I am just passing by the mall, I always see to it that I look at the shoes on sale.

But don’t mistake me for the Nike collector type (although I have a few), since I don’t have the means to splurge a lot on shoes. I am more of the see the shoe I like-check the price-if it’s within budget I buy type of sneaker head.

It began when my boss told me that I have to look presentable even if it’s already dress-down day, or jeans day for the office, which is Friday. According to our training before I got promoted, I have to dress “a level higher” than the rest, since I would be tackling a higher position. That was the time that I had to look for clothes and my interest in shoes grew.

Let me take it to another level and classify my shoes. Here are my classifications of my shoes, according to my needs:

1.    The Power Shoes – these are the leather shoes that I wear whenever I am wearing slacks. I usually do “black on black”, or black slacks and black shoes. But I am now starting to experiment with other color slacks, so I would be able to get more leather shoes.

I don't have one, but it looks nice

2.     The Office Shoes – these are the shoes that I can only wear inside the office premises. Mainly because these has white soles, and I don’t like to make my shoes dirty. Cleaning it takes too much effort.

3.    The Walking Shoes – shoes that I can wear outside the office, but not while doing strenuous activities. These are the Nike Free-type of rubbers. Lightweight, durable.

4.    The Sports Shoes – all shoes that I can wear in the gym, or while playing basketball. These usually are the high cut rubbers,  lightweight, and soles that gives a “squeak” when I suddenly stop (I know I could have given a better description).

5.    The Rain shoes – shoes that I wear whenever it is raining. Usually the all black type, high cut and with materials that are more water resistant. I prefer World Balance for these shoes since it is more durable, and it is more affordable.

6.    The Loafers – when it is a lazy day in the office, I whip out my loafers. Low cut sneakers with softer interiors. Usually a bit bigger than what I usually wear, it is for lounging around and used if I am in the mood to just drag my feet because of laziness.

I wanted to take a picture of my shoe cabinet, but I thought that that would be overkill. I would like to have more, and I know that I can call it a vice, but ask any guy that would be man enough to admit it, and they would tell you the same thing:  Shoes make the man,  and man is made by the shoes. Especially if it’s the ice creams. 


One thought on “Shoe Talk

  1. I’d like to say I have a fetish for shoes, coz I do have a lot, but I’m equally fascinated with purses and clothes, and ,,, well, just about anything. By the way, you’re not the only guy I know who loves shoes. My brother is one, although he doesn’t know it.

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